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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bad Blogger..

Sorry for being such a bad blogger, but I promise to try harder.

Last week was hectic but fun. Over half term Georgia went to Gymnastics for a couple of hours Tues-Thurs, which gave me a couple of hours of peace and quiet. Then on Friday David had the day off and we took Georgia plus her friend Hannah, and Hannah's sister Sophie out for the day. First we went bowling for a couple of hours, then onto McDonalds for lunch, followed by a trip to the cinema to see Ratatouille. We all had a wonderful day, and their Mum says they talked about the day all weekend.

Over the weekend we did had a photo shoot at Venture. I vowed never doing one again after spending too much money the last time we went and feeling pressured to spend more. But I entered a competition at the end of the summer and won a free session plus a free 5x7. So off we went on Sunday morning for our 10am shoot, 1 hour later we left tired and happy from running around like nutters. We are going to see the photos tonight at 5pm...fingers crossed there is at least one nice one to choose from. We have decided to put the money from the free 5x7 and upgrade to a 10x8, but are not going to buy anything else. We are however going to spend some time at home getting a lovely shot of all of us, so that we can include it in a Christmas pressie for David's parents.

So this week has been the start of a week of chaos. I feel like I am rushing around all the time. Monday was spent with a client getting a VAT return done, and then rushing from school to shops etc etc. Tuesday was Georgia to school, drop ironing off to be done, drive 25 miles up to Weston Favell to collect paperwork from Client for VAT return, drive back down to MK and to a clients, work until 3.45pm, collect Georgia from her after school French club, home and change for Gymnastics at 4.45pm, and then once we were home at 6pm from all that, I had dinner and went to a PTA meeting at the school at 7.30pm and finally got home at 10.25pm....and who says I work part-time!!!!!

So today is not going to be any easier as I have dropped Georgia at school, and then made a quick dash to Hobbycraft to get things for the school fayre, then off to a client to do another VAT return. After school I have to collect my ironing and then get Georgia home and ready for Trick or Treating, take her to a friends, go to Venture and then back to our friends house to go Trick of Treating with the girls...I am going to rest on Thursday I need to finish another 2 VAT returns...
God I need a holiday!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

HS:MS Pink

Ok, so I have missed the daily prompts for a week, but what with feeling cr*p with a cold, I didn't have the energy to join in...but (fingers crossed) I am better and back.
So this is a little cheat as it was taken earlier this year when David & I attended a 60th Birthday Ball. We don't go to many of these sorts of things and it is the first time I had ever seen David in a dinner jacket and bow tie. David turned the photo black&white and made the pink of my accessories stand out...and I love the result and have already scrapped the photo.
I will be checking out all the other blogs to see what everyone else has been upto while I was MIA.

Monday, October 22, 2007

First Day of Half Term

Well day one of the half term holidays is over, and it was a good day. Georgia and I spent the morning doing odd jobs around the house, and then some crafting together. She made herself a mini book, and added a picture of Daddy & Mummy...she even altered the colours of our outfits with pens....Andy Warhol style.

The doorbell seemed to ring on and off all day. First I had the RM parcel gut deliver a special delivery item...My Bind-It All machine...and it if fab, not that I have had a chance to play. So a huge thanks to Lorraine & Janice. Then the regular postie knocks on the door with a small bundle which included my Scrapbook Trends magazines, some WRMK Designer Eyelets from ScrapMagic, and a parcel from Making Memories in the US. Last month I sent an email complaining about the quality of their new chipboard buttons as the two packs I received were a mess with the epoxy resin stuff peeling away from the button. Anyway they sent me a new pack as replacement. They were out of stock of the halloween ones, so sent me some halloween shimmer brads a couple of sheets of rubons as a little extra. It seems I have been reasonably lucky (touch wood) as the only parcel I have had gone missing was my September Jenni Bowlin kit, and that was sent before the strikes and a replacement has now been it's all good.

Anyway I have a picture to share of my nephew Alex. It is hard to believe from these pictures, but Alex is only 16 years old. It sounds such a cliche, but he went away a typical moody teen and came back a young man. he has filled out and matured, which seems such a shock given that he has only been away for just over 6 weeks.

My sister collected him on Friday and drove up with her husband and one of their kids, James who is 8. He has been missing his big brother, maybe more than any of Alex's other siblings. Anyway he has a fantastic time going around the barracks, seeing where Alex sleeps...and here is a picture of him...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

What a Week!!!

Sorry I have been a slack post for a week. I had been feeling ill all week having caught a cold. Nothing life threatening obviously, just made me tired and snotty. So this morning I am feeling very slightly better...thank goodness.

Not much has been happening here this week, well nothing exciting anyway, just the usual mundane stuff. Royal Mail seem to be getting on top of the deliveries and all my parcels are starting to show up. I think I am only waiting for my SI mag, some Scrapbook Trends mags, a few stamps from stampotique, some WRMK designer eyelets from ScrapMagic.

Today is being spent at home, doing the usual washing and tidying and maybe some scrapping with the oh so lush November ScrapaGoGo Kit.....the kit is bulging with yummy stash....cannot believe how much was in the kit again this month.

Tomorrow we are going to visit my family. My nephew Alex is home from Army College in Harrogate and we are all going out for dinner together.

Will be back after the weekend with a couple of pics.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

HS:MS, Baby Pics and Rugby...

I have managed to catch up and here is Fridays prompt over on Her Space : My Space, the prompt was "Game" and here is a picture from my space.

Well what a day we have had. We drove the hour journey down to Bedfont to see our new Nephew Lewis. He is such a cutie and a perfect baby...sleeping away in his crib. I got to have a lovely cuddle and feed him, and David too a picture of I almost have a picture for SPS (Self Portrait Saturday)....if only I had taken it myself...LOL...oh well, this is as good as it got.

And finally a picture with Georgia, Lewis & I. Georgia is absolutely besotted with Lewis and wanted to take him home....even though I told her he would keep us up all night and would have stinky nappies....she didn't seem to care at all. Sean however was worried that we really were going to walk off with his Baby Brother...
So did you watch the Rugby World Cup Semi Final?? Boy was it edge of the seat stuff. Sadly I missed the first half as I was driving back from Bedfont via Luton (David is watching the game with mates followed by a curry and coach ride home). I cannot believe that we won, it was such a close game and so amazing after the was the team started off in the tournament. So who knows how the final will go. Whatever happens the team have achieved something pretty amazing.

So tomorrow we have a nice chilled day. I have some crafty chores to do and David is in charge of entertaining Georgia and doing the odd chores around the house...hangover willing. He said he would not be drinking much, but after todays Rugby result who long as he doesn't fall asleep on the coach ride home all will be fine...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

HS:MS Catchup and other stuff...

OK, so the week has been crazy and I have not managed to keep up with the prompts over on Her Space : My Space. So here they are today...

Monday's prompt was "Autumn", I had trouble taking a picture then as it was took this picture of the side of my house. Our semi is covered with Virginia Creeper on the side and at this time of year it goes an amazing array of colours before loosing all it's leaves.

Tuesday's prompt was "Crockery", and after a sort through my cupboards I saw the cup I wanted to take a picture of. MKScrappers the local crop I attend has a logo of a cow....obvious for Milton Keynes and our concrete here is my picture.

And finally today's prompt was "Steps". Now I searched high and low for a more interesting picture, but there was not a step to be found in my space...apart from the here are my stairs.

Now onto more general stuff...finally my Wacom Bluetooth Graphics Tablet arrived from the US...and I love it. It was easy to set up and I was playing away within 10 minutes.

I signed up for a doodling class on after reading a thread started by Anso over on UKScrappers. So this week I have been making a doodling book and decorating the cover. I need to do my first 12x12 LO with doodles on, but won't have the time until the weekend. I will try to take a couple of photos of the journal tomorrow to show you all...rather proud of my doodling, as I usually hate it.

On a family note, David's Brothers Wife gave birth to a bouncing baby Boy...Lewis Edward 7lb something..can't remember and the information is on my mobile which is on charge in the hall, and I am too tired/lazy to get up and look...LOL. We are going to visit at the weekend, and I will come back with some cute baby pictures to share.

Anyway enough for tonight....bed is calling.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Were Going on a Bear Hunt....

We have been doing this story/song with Georgia all weekend as part of her school homework...

Were going on a bear hunt
Were going to catch a big one
What a beautiful day
I'm not scared

How many of you have done this with your children. She sounds so cute singing it, and makes up some actions while singing it. She has a little picture prompt sheet so that she is reminded what comes next...she has even been making up some of her own.

This morning had a little surprise as the Postman had delivered a Doodling Book which is part of a course I signed up on "Big Picture Scrapbooking". So now I can finally get started...just need to catch up. My new pen is stuck in the mail, so will just have to find something else to use for the time being. The book looks great and shows some simple steps to get you doodling

Anyway we had a fun if somewhat filled weekend. Friday I went to a Pampered Chef Party and I spent £50. Then Saturday we went to Quiz Night at the school and had a fab time, and our team even WON! Sunday was the monthly MKScrappers Crop, had a fab time, only did a DLO and a Mini Book, but enjoyed the company and banter of the other ladies and Hannah's Cloud Cake was to die for.....shame it was all gone by lunchtime.....Hannah make sure you make a bigger one next month.

Anyway, I need to get ready for work and get Georgia to school, so will be back with pictures this afternoon.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oh Happy Day....

I just found out today that I am getting a Bind-It All Machine...and better still I won it. Cannot wait, I have been thinking about getting since they started to arrive in the UK, and was just about to order one...and now I don't have too. I am already making some plans on what sort of mini books I could make. Although I will have to wait to receive it...thanks to Royal Mail. I haven't had any parcels for over a week, and I am still waiting for my September Jenni Bowlin kit to arrive.....if it hasn't arrived by the 9th then I can get a I expect I will be getting one, as I cannot see it arriving before then.

This evening while we were sitting watching TV, Sweep the female cat was making a racket in the hallway. I looked out into the dark hall and saw that there was something on the floor so sent Georgia and David to investigate. When they got closer they discovered that Sweep had bought a frog indoors. We have one that lives in Georgia's playhouse at the end of the garden. The poor frog looked little traumatized. I did manage to get a very quick photo before David took him back to the garden, so will add it tomorrow.

We have another busy weekend planned. Tomorrow evening I am off to a Pampered Chef Party, Saturday is Quiz Night at the school, and on Sunday is the MKScrappers Monthly Crop. My favourite time of the month is crop weekend.....cannot wait, and this month I really am going to try to pack a little lighter...honest.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

HS:MS Card

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "Card". Now anything stash I always have in shed loads....according to those that know me.

Just a few more days until the monthly MKScrappers Sunday crop, and as usual I am still unpacked from the retreat we went on in the middle of September. I am determind to not take half as much this WILL be sorting it out during the week instead of leaving it till a mad panic on Saturday evening.

David has the day off work today, so we had a lovely leisurely breakfast at Asda this morning. It was such a treat to be able to just sit and chat without Georgia interupting us. He also was a sweetie and has been and done the food shopping, went to Ikea to get me an angle poise lamp so that I can use my stamp making kit, paid the cheques into the bank, dropped an envelope off to one of my clients and put some washing on. He really is a gem....definately a keeper.

Ok, need to get off to my next Customers....back later.

Monday, October 01, 2007

HS:MS Wheel

A bit late today, and I have had to use a picture from last year...but I loved it so much....who cares.


Pinch, Punch, First Day of the Month...

Well I can hardly believe it is October already. Time certainly does fly. Things are starting to return to normal...I am feeling much better, so back to work for me. The past weekend was a busy one and next weekend is no different. Next weekend I have the MKScrappers crop to look forward long as David doesn't have to work.

This week I plan to try and keep up with the Her Space : My Space prompts, although I will not guarantee it as life has a habit of throwing a spanner in the works.

Anyway, today I am sending big hugs to my buddie Lynsey. Lynsey needs them today as one of her kittys was run over last night.....RIP Charlie. He was such a cute kitty.