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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Home Sweet Home...

Wow what a weekend. I am shattered, but we had a fab time. Learnt lots from both Kirsty & Natalie, and I am no longer scared to take my new DSLR off Auto. I still have loads to learn, but I am getting to grips with the basics of it. Now all I need is more time to practice.

Took us approx 3 hours to get there on Friday evening, and a little under 2 hours to get home...what a difference that hour makes.

Will share a picture from the weekend. The first part of my morning was spent with Kirsty where we learnt about Aperture Priority. The picture of the flower was taken indoors under flourescent lights. It is dull, and not very good. Now the same picture taken with a lower aperture, allowing more light in...and the results are a huge improvement. I love this kind of picture, the subject of the picture in focus and background is blurred. The colours in the picture are now a true reflection of how the flower looked in the hall we were working in. I know the knowledge gained from the course is going to help improve the quality of my pictures. If anyone is thinking of taking the it. I know Natalie is running one in the South of England, so go along, you won't regret it.

In the second session we worked with Natalie on Shutter Priority. We took some photos moving objects. The first we had to keep the background in focus and have a moving object go through the shot. I had mixed success with this indoors as I couldn't keep the camera still enough without a tripod. When we went outdoors, the results were better. We certainly got some strange looks. There was a group of us lined up along side the road waiting for the cars to pass by. Some drivers were speeding, and were perfectly safe from our camera...we would not make a good speed camera. Others slowed, and some even honked their horns... Here is my favourite

The next thing we had to do was take a picture of a moving object, keeping it in focus, while blurring the background. This was impossible for me, not sure about any of the other ladies, but the cars were going to fast for me.
I will have to try again. Maybe I can get David to drive pass the house a dozen or so times until I can get it right.

After lunch we had two fab classes one by Kirsty and the other by Debbie. I will take pictures tomorrow. I also took delivery on Friday night of new Troll Beads, will also show pictures tomorrow.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Off on a Photography Adventure

Well we set off tomorrow afternoon for Crewe where we are staying the night before Kirsty Wiseman's Creative Photography Course...cannot wait. My scrapping stuff is all as usual I have overpacked, but I have no more time to whittle it down. Anyone who has seen me go to my local crop can confirm that I cannot under any circumstances travel what is the point in even trying.

Before we leave I have 2 clients to see, then I have to go and see Georgia and her class perform a Chinese New Year Dragon Dance, have coffee and biccies with her teacher Mrs Kirkpatrick...who is lovely. And then we have promised Georgia a McDonalds for tea before we set not much to cram into the day.

I am expecting a parcel in the morning before I leave containing my Troll Beads...cannot wait to add them to my bracelet...there are going to be a few Trolly/Dolly Beads girls on Saturday, so cannot wait to see all their lovely bracelets in person.

Anyway, enough for now, but get ready to see some fab pictures on Saturday/Sunday, depending on whether I can get internet access.


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Little Crocs...

Finally managed to get back here with a picture of Georgia's little Purple Mary Jane Crocs. They look so darn cute on little feet. She was over the moon that she now has some shoes like Mummy.

She especially adores the large flower Jibbitz. I have some butterflies on order, and I don't expect to get a look in.

I also got another cute parcel today....My Momiji Dolls. They are so flippin' cute. It is all the fault of Tracie Hudson...I saw them on her Blog and fell in love...and got myself 2. These are the sort of little gifts my Mum would have bought me, had she still be alive.

I really miss the little things at the moment. My Mum & I would often buy little gifts for each other for no reason at all. I would be shopping and see something that I knew she would like, so I would buy it for her. Never anything really expensive...usually silly things like a little bracelet, keyring or a funky pen to put in her handbag.

Whenever I visit my Dad, I still see so many of those little trinkets. There is even my Mum's work ID card on a chain, still hanging from the cupboard where she put it almost 4 years ago. It's been touched, but nobody ever moves it. And also a little heart post it note with a message for my Dad saying that she loves him. It is almost as though time has stood still.

I remember the final gift that my Mum bought me. From Christmas to March, she teased me about already having got my Birthday Pressie. She was so excited to see my was as much as she could do to hang on and not give it to me right after the New Year...anyway March rolled up, and when I opened the box, it contained 2 Nao figurines, that completed a set that I started years before. They were the playing cards, that had been retired, and I had search and searched for the missing pair. I had the heart and the spade, and she managed to get me the diamond and the club....I treasure those gifts, and they are one of the few ornaments that I have in my lounge now..and they are kept safely away from little Georgia fingers behind glass in a display cabinet.

Wow, I went off on a tangent again this evening. This happens to me each year as my Birthday draws near. Oh well, off to bed, I can hear it calling out to me. Caz x


I can show you the work I did for the Design Team work I did for the February ScrapaGoGo Kit. I absolutely loved the kit, and am really pleased with the stuff I did with it. For me they are layouts I am pleased to have in my album, rather than layouts done just to fulfill a design team commitment. So here they are...

This one is a mini canvas that I got from Poundland.

The final pictures are of my Lippy Chick Flip Book. I really love these little books, and this one now lives in my handbag.
I hope that those of you reading my Blog that subscribe to the ScrapaGoGo Kit are as pleased with the Feb kit as I was.



Monday, February 19, 2007

More from the JB Kit...

Went back up to my craft room and played with my Jenni Bowlin is so fab I couldn't put it down. Have done a LO using all elements from the kit. Here it is...

Half Term is over and Georgia is back to school this morning, so normality returns to the household. It has been fun having the time off, but I have so much to do now that I need to get back to it.

We are going away next weekend, and we are already starting to look forward to it. I plan to be stop laughing...I really am going to be organised this week...LOL

Well, better get ready for school/work. Will be back later.



Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hand a lovely play this afternoon, and finished the project I was doing for March ScrapaGoGo kit. Then came some me time....I received my February Jenni Bowlin Kit earlier this week, but had no free time until today to play. I was so inspired by Jenni's & Emily's Galleries on the website that I decided to use my MM Chipboard LOVE first. I started off covering it as Emily did, but decided that I wanted to change it a little. So here it is...
I have to stop for a while now so that I can get Georgia into bed, but I already have another LO in the planning, using the JB Kit...
Don't know about all the other subscribers, but I am loving the Feb Kit. I sadly missed Jenni's Feb Kit from 2006, but if it was as good as this must have been lush.

What a Croc!

Surprise knock at the door yesterday, Mr Postie bought me three more eagerly awaited parcels. My Bam Pop papers arrived from the US, so I am planning a LO using them. I also received a parcel from Memories & More containing my Upsy Daisy - Oodles of Doodles Papers...they too are lush. The final parcel was my new pair of Crocs. I saw the new Mary Jane Crocs on Elsie Flannigans Blog....and it was love at first sight. I love my original crocs, but the front is high and I prefer lower fronted the new style are is a little picture.

The little embellishments are called Jibbitz, and they pop in an out of the holes. I think anyone who has a pair will agree with me in saying that they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. It is like walking around in bare feet...but with shoes on.

Today is a lazy day, I am finishing my DT work for ScrapaGoGo and then I have to make some ATC's for a swap I am taking part in.



Friday, February 16, 2007

New Dolly...

Well I got home yesterday evening and found my lovely new "Mint Julep" Dolly Beads had been delivered by Jacquie's Husband...and the bead is stunning. Take a look...

It is the one fifth bead from the left...and it is beautiful. It has a translucent quality with the green colour in the top....very pretty. I think I need a couple of silver ones to balance out the glass beads. I have already decided on Mermaid...Georgia picked it for me for Mothers Day, so now I just need to order it...but it seems such a waste to order just one, and I need to chose a birthday pressie from my Dad and one from my Sister, and from my another 3 to chose.

Had a bumper parcel day yesterday. Received 3 parcels all from the US. One was my Jenni Bowlin February Kit & Project Kit. The next was from A Million Little Things and contained my Basic Grey Phoebe papers and some of the new BG Rubons. The final one was my MM 8" Chipboard "E" that I had to get from eBay US...I am waiting for a couple more including the BamPop papers that I saw Tracie Hudson showcase on her blog...fell in love with, only to not be able to find them anywhere in the UK...sound familiar.

Tomorrow we are off down to Surrey to visit the family. I am just processing some photos to take to Costco in the morning for printing. I have finished a LO with my March ScrapaGoGo kit....I love it, but it had me sobbing. Can't say anymore right now, you will have to wait until March. The February kit is being received all over the country today...everyone is loving it. Good to know I have good I loved it too. Can't share my work on here until the you will have to wait until next week.

Have a fab weekend everyone...this time next weekend I will be in Crewe, as the following day I am taking Kirsty Wiseman's Creative Photography course.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

Mid Week Update...

Have been having a fab time with Georgia during half term. On Monday she went to play at a school friends house, as I had a client to go and see. On Tuesday we had such a brill day. First we went to lunch at McDonalds, which is something we do very rarely. Then onto the Cinema to see Charlotte's Web, which was absolutely brilliant. I can clearly remember reading the book as a child, and I am pleased to sa the film is just as good as I remember the book being. The sad part went right over Georgias' head, but had me in tears. After the film finished we popped into the centreMK, and into Claire's Accessories....Georgia does like all things pink and girly don't ya know. Finally we stopped by Krispy Kreme to buy David some Valentine Donuts....which were delish! Today we have been house bounds as David's car is in the garage and he has pinched mine. We spent lots of time tidying my Craft Room/Office, and although not finished, there is a huge improvement. While I was tidying Georgia was surfing away on the cbeebies website...such a talented little madam playing all the games. Tomorrow I am expecting the hand deliver of the Dolly Bead I ordered. Jacquie and her Husband will be in Milton Keynes, so are popping it through my door. In the afternoon Georgia and I have a tripped planned to Gambado's...which should help her to burn off some energy.

I received my March Design Team kit from ScrapaGoGo yesterday. It contains some lush DaisyD Modern Romance papers. Now these papers are not my usual style, so it took a bit of time to decide what to do with them. Anyway I sat in bed looking at them, and inspiration hit. The Layout is almost completed, I just need to make a trip to Costco to get some pictures printed. Tomorrow is operation send the kits out for Lorraine, and I know all those who subscribe will not be disappointed. I have subbed to the kit for almost a year, and February has been one of my favourite kits.

Anyway enough, I am sure I can hear my bed calling me. This is what happens everytime I tidy my Craft Room.....I want to stay in it and play or surf!

Monday, February 12, 2007

7Gypsies Lushness

I have always loved the 7Gypsies range, but until recently was too scared to use it. After watching the 7Gypsies hour during Craft Day on QVC (actually called Crafting Journeys) I decided to order some more bits, I ordered from UKScrappers Sponsors though as I didn't want the bits QVC put together. I ordered mainly from The Craft Emporium as Lyn has a fab selection of the 7Gypsies range. I had been wanting to make David a little brag book to carry around in his work bag...something he can look at when he wonders why he works so hard.

I used the teenie weenie book, plus lots of other goodies...
Mainly 7Gypsies products including...97% Complete Tags & Stickers, 7Gypsies Classis Paperie 6x6 paper pad, Pebbles Inc Real Life Stickers (Dymo style ones) plus some sticky red bling hearts.

Here are some pictures of the inside...

There are a couple more pages, but blogger seems to have reached it's picture posting limit for me, so I will upload the final few pages shortly.

David was really pleased with was I...I love it, and want to keep it...LOL

Today is the first day of Half Term, I have to work today, but have arranged no appointments for the rest of the week. Georgia and I are going to spend some fun time together, including a trip to the cinema, and to Gambado's. Hope everyone has a lovely Monday.


Sunday, February 11, 2007

Family Matters...

Looking at UKScrappers this morning, I saw the Sunday Bloggers prompt, I haven't done a blog prompt for a long time, so thought I would have a go today. The prompt was...

"Family Matters - what is your background, are you part of a big or small family, are you close? how often do you see your family, and is there anything you would like to improve or change about your family life?"

In my direct family there was just Mum & Dad and my little sister Tracey. We are all very close. When Mum was in hospital, the other ladies in her room commented on how they had never seen such a close family, and they could see how much we all loved and liked each other. We have been on holiday together numerous times, and even though there are often little arguments, we always have a wonderful time. Now Mum is no longer with us and is just watching from Heaven, I know she would be proud. She would be pleased how we have all supported each other through loosing her. It will be 4 years in May, still feels like yesterday. Although I now live just over one hours drive away, I still see them a couple of times a month. I will drive down and spend the whole day and evening with them. We will often have a takeaway, and sit down a chat. I will take photos, and sometimes take some of my crafting bits with me as her two youngest love to make stuff with me. Now my Mum was one of nine (7 Sisters and 1 Brother) and they were not that close. Saying that Mum was one of the few of them that had regular contact with them all. She was the one who would call for a chat, email a joke, or arrange to pop around for coffee. Dad is one of five (2 Sisters & 2 Brothers) they are closer, but I have noticed that they are not as close since Mum died...I have decided that Mum was the glue that held so many family matters together. I try to be like her, but I don't know how she did it...she was one in a million. If I can be just a little bit like her, I will be a happy woman.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Yay my Valentine Dolly Beads arrived...

Well I came down this morning to see that Mr Postie had delivered my first 2 Dolly Beads. Well all I can say is they are lush lush lush....totally gorgeous. They each came in a little poink pouch, wrapped in pink tissue paper. Both pouches were placed in a plastic baggie and in the baggie was 2 choccie hearts a small roll of sweethearts and loads of confetti hearts. Georgia snaffled the sweethearts pretty sharpish, so I hid the 2 choccie hearts to enjoy later.

So here is a picture if my bracelet with the 2 new additions, they are located one on each end.How lush are they?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Thank Crunchie it's Friday...

Well I have now typed and tried to post this twice, and Blogger has lost it on both occasions, so here is the shortened version.

It stopped snowing, Georgia went back to school, the snow is now slushy and dirty.

I received an order from Artbase....but wanted the L,O,V & E letters in the Making Memories 8" Chipboard, but it seems everyone in the UK that sells them is out of stock of the E, so I have ordered from a US seller on eBay. I have a canvas project in the planning stages. The canvas is on order from The Works...and should be her next week.

All the UKScrappers and Troll Bead collectors reading this will know about Jacquie and her fabulous Dolly Beads. Well on Wednesday Jacquie released some Limited Edition Valentine Beads. I was lucky to order 3 (or so I thought) but sadly Paypal was going so slow that the "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" bead managed to sell twice and the other purchasers payment arrived approx one minute before mine.......Darn Paypal. Anyway Jacquie was very apologetic and offered to make another for me, or I could have a refund, or chose a different bead from this weeks released. Well I chose to wait for her to make fingers crossed she will manage to do it over the weekend. I could have cried when I read her email, as I had set my heart on that when she offered to make another I was over the moon.

Anyway, bed is calling. We have a quiet weekend planned after all the rushing around last weekend. But in my usual style, I will leave you with something to look at. Here is a cute snow picture taken of Georgia yesterday morning.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

More Snow Fun...

Georgia and I went back out into the snow late this afternoon, as we wanted to make a Snowman in the garden. As were were finishing the Daddy Snowman, in walks David gave me the scare of my life and then helped us finish Georgia's Snow Family...and here they are.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring on the weather front, and if the school will have re-opened. If it has I am back to work, and if not it's another day at home for me. Better get to bed...just incase.

Snow, Stash and all that jazz....

Well I prayed for snow, and boy did we get some. Woke up this morning at 5am and there was a light covering of snow. I went back to bed and at 6.30am we had about 1.5 inches. Well it continued to snow all morning and through lunch and has only stopped in the last hour. We ended up with about 3 inches in total, which is already starting to drip....but it looks like it will be around until the morning as a heavy frost is predicted tonight. Georgia had no school as it was closed because of the weather, so we went and got dressed up in our warmest clothes. I had her rugged up so well she complained that she couldn't bend her legs properly...LOL. I got some fab pictures of her playing, and we made a small snowman. Here are a couple of them...

This was the view from the front of the house across the park. It was taken at 9.05am, when the snow was at about 2 inches, the final inch fell between then and midday.

Well before that I was having a little surf on and they have the NEW Basic Grey in I ordered myself the Phoebe Papers only, and also the 6x6 Phoebe paper pad. Then I got 3 packs of the new rubons and a Narratives acetate...It was all Lynseys fault...she made me look...honest.

We are waiting for David to come home (hopefully early) so that Georgia can have a little play in the snow with Daddy. She wants to make a snowman of her own in the back garden...we'll see if they manage it.


Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Valentine Dolly Beads...

Today was the eagerly anticipated release of Jacquie's Limited Edition Dolly Beads. The teaser picture looked fab, and at approx 7.30pm they appeared on the website.....As luck would have it, I just happened to be looking at the site as they were made live. There was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Bed of Roses, Queen of Hearts & Lucy in the Sky.
I managed to get myself the Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Queen of Hearts & Bed of are the pictures.

The Lucy bead is a stunning black colour with sparkly bits and 3 cubic zirconia embedded in the glass. It is totally gorgeous and I cannot wait to get it. The next one is the Queen of Hearts, a stunning red bead with a pink/white heart, and the third is the Bed of Roses which is a pink swirls colour...and looks just like a rose head. I may give one to my Sister, but until I see them I am not sure...They may be too lush to give up.

Tonight we are praying for snow. If we get a reasonable amount there is a good chance the school will be closed. I was chatting outside the school to some of the other Mums, and there are lots of us hoping the school is closed so that we can play in the snow with the kids before the snow melts...we will have to see what the morning brings. Off to bed now...just incase I have to work tomorrow.

New Troll Beads...

The Postie bought me a parcel this morning.....yay my new trollies are here...all 5 of them. Here is a picture of my bracelet now, I love it. I have placed a back order for some stop beads....hopefully they will come back into stock soon. The one on the left is the aquarium bead, next is the infinity knot (3 knots) then is my rose ribbon, followed by the zodiac pisces/cancer bead, then comes the pink bud beads, then my mocha bead, and last but not least the cappuccino bead. I think I got all their names right. Will be back later with more...but just wanted to share the picture.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Dullsville Milton Keynes...

Nothing very exciting happening her today. Started the day on catch up after oversleeping. Why does my daughter Georgia sleep in on the day we need her to actually wake up early...when all weekend she woke us up just after 6am??? I wish someone could tell me. Georgia and I took a quick trip to the local Poundland store and came away with three carrier bags full, and my purse £34 lighter. I got some bling hearts, mini scrapbooks, mini staplers with coloured staples (just like the Making Memories one, except they only cost £1)plus a few girles pressies for my pressie drawer...I do like to have a few cute things in never know when you will need an emergency pressie.

The Postamn in the morning will see the arrival of my new Troll Beads. I have 5 coming....I ordered early for March....and just need to persuade David to let me have them early.

Tomorrow I am working out near Banbury. While on the quest for Troll beads I found a jewellers that sells them in Banbury, sadly I have so much to do at my clients, and not enough no trip to see them all up close and personal.

Time for bed now, but I will leave you with another piccie. I bought a 7Gypsies Portfolio Kit from Art from the Heart when I was at Thorpe Park on Saturday, and covered/made it up yesterday. I am going to use it to keep all my business receipts in before they are filed with my accounts. I always end up with a purse jammed to bursting with them...and this way they will be safe.

Time for bed.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Been Croppin'...

Well after a day of cropping, I came home to a wonderful homecooked meal, lovingly prepared by David. We had Beef Stew and veg....and scrumptious it was too.

For the first crop I can remember I didn't do a single layout. I did however make 3 coasters, 1 canvas, 1 7Gypsies portfolio, and 1 small paint can....not bad for a days work. I have also been asked by Jay (CraftyWotName) to do a paint can class for the next MK Crop...nervous and excited at once...and we still have 4 weeks until the next crop...LOL

Here are some pics of the coasters, they are so cute. Got them yesterday @ Thorpe Park...and now I wish I had bought more. I have email the store that they came from to see if they have some left. You put your picture/mini layout inside and clip the back on...approx size is 3x3 inches. All three are done using 7Gypsies papers, with added Pebbles Inc Life stickers. I am determind to get more, as I also think they will make great little gifts.

I also did a small 8x8 inch canvas using the last picture I had left from our mini photo shoot, the canvas was done using 7Gypsies papers, Jo Sonja acrylic paints (which are lush), L'il Davis chipboard swirls & Polar Bear Press rubons. When David saw it he said he thought that he looked gormless....and my quick response was that, that is how he always looks.

Will save the other pictures for tomorrow as David is hovering, so I think it means that it's bedtime.


Thorpe Park - You Can Make It...

Well, I went with good intentions. "I won't be spending much, honest dear", and I spent too much...LOL I came home with a wonderful pile of stash, haven't had a chance to take a picture...will do it tomorrow when I am back from the crop. I did however come home with some Rebecca Erikson papers and rubons (if you haven't seen/heard of her, she is Australian and the stuff is lush), lots of 7 Gypsies bits, Blonde Moments stamps etc, Heidi Swapp Iron On Flock Alpha (they were half price), Pink Martini papers (only 3 sheets) and matching rubons, mini clear paint can....and more, but my brain is fried. I also saw a little something for all the members of my UKS Team ATC Swap.....not going to say what they are, as it will spoil their surprise. It seemed a little empty in places as it seems some of the attendees were unable to make the rescheduled show, but there were also lots more 12x12 papers than last year...and some that I have never seen before...which surprised me.

We had a lovely Indian takeaway with my Sister, Brother in Law, Dad and the kids, really enjoyable. Just a Tesco takeaway, but it is always nice to all sit down together.

I have almost finished packing my bags ready for the morning, but now I can hear my bed calling me. I will post a picture of my haul tomorrow, together with pics of the stuff I do at the crop.


Friday, February 02, 2007

The Road to Recovery...

I am feeling much better today, so much better that I actually went out to work. Today it was a small motorsport company based out near the Althorpe Estate in Northamptonshire. It is about a 45-50 minute journey out there. but when the weather is as lovely as it was today...the journey is very pleasant.

My Nikon SD800 Speedlight arrived from Amazon this morning, cannot believe it got here so quickly as I only ordered it on Wednesday evening. David is busy playing with it, trying to find out how to get the best out of it...looks like he will be reading up on it tonight.

I tried to get Dolly Bead from today, but they had already sold out by the time I managed to get online. It looks like Jaq's beads are the hottest thing around at the moment. I believe she released a new set of beads each Friday, so next week I better be on the ball if I want to add one to my rapidly growing collection. I say rapidly growing, as my Valentines, Wedding Anniversary, Birthday and Mothers Day Troll beads have already been ordered and will be with me next week. I did consider a themed colour bracelet, and then saw Jo's (BallooBear on UKS) bracelet and loved the eclectic mix of colours that hers watch this space.

I haven't managed much scrapping this week, considering half of it was actually spent on the sofa, so I will do my best to remedy that this weekend. Tomorrow I am going to visit my family down in Surrey, but not before I make a quick trip to Thorpe Park for the rescheduled "You Can Make It" show. I am not sure that I actually need anything, but want to get a look at the Stamp making systems and also the Wacom graphics tablets. The Sunday is the monthly Milton
Keynes Crop, I always enjoy the day, and come away with some lovely layouts.

Tonight I am going to try and finish the 7 Gypsies mini book that I started for David during the week. I will have to put the DVD back on to remind me of all the things I wanted to do with it.

I am going to leave you with another layout, as I do love to add a little colour to my Blog. This is a layout I did as part of the ScrapaGoGo Design Team. I had a Hambly Screen Print to use, and the rest was my own stash. The screen print was white with a silver outline, and I wanted it to be pink like cherry blossoms, so I tinted it with Pigment Pearls given to me by Kate (formerly of Scrapcanvas). Hope you like it.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

As Promised...

Here is a picture of my new Troll Bracelet, it is lovely, but I think it needs more beads....and soon. David said I can order one for Valentine's, so I need to choose and fast....I have already decided which one I would like for my Wedding Anniversary, now there is just my Birthday and Mothers Day to choose....

Which ones will it be.....suggestions on a postcard please.....LOL

Ahhh...a full 7 hours of sleep

Well I woke feeling a wee bit better, still rough, but some improvement. I managed to get a proper nights sleep, which is probably why I feel better than yesterday. I think I will still stay at home today, as last time I rushed back into working, I ended up making myself ill again. I learnt my lesson when Georgia was a baby. I went back early from Maternity Leave as my cover left and it was easier to do it myself than try to train a replacement. I worked in the evenings when David woke (he then worked nights), anyway I became exhausted and a chest infection turned into Pneumonia. Since then when I get a cold, I try to slow down and make sure I take care of myself and only go back to work when I feel better...much easier when you work for yourself.

Today will be my last day positioned on the sofa, so I am going to make the most of it and scrap. I want to make a teenie weenie 7 Gypsies book up for David to keep in his work bag, so that he can think of us when he is at work or working away from home. His mates from work are always asking to see new piccies of Georgia. I have painted the cover in Blonde Moments Suet Pudding Black paint, and put a 7 Gypsies sticker on it so far. I think I will put the DVD of the QVC Crafting Journeys hour on that I was sent by mermaid on UKS....that will give me some more ideas.

Just answered the doorbell and my Troll Bracelet is here. I got a phone call from County Jewellers (where it came from) and they asked whether I really wanted the 21cm bracelet as they said the fish clasp was big and made the overall bracelet length 9.5 inches. Well I do have a larger wrist, but that may have been a little big, so I changed to a 20cm. They also said that once it is filled, if I find it too small, they will swap it for the longer length...can't ask more than that. So I have the big fish clasp....I am a Pisces after all. I also ordered a coffee bean silver love my coffee, and finally I got the rose ribbon bead, which I think of as pink ribbon, and reminds me of loved ones who have lost the battle to cancer. I am now looking to order some more. I am having one for Valentines (much cheaper than and my birthday, wedding anniversary and mothers day are all next month. I have fallen in love with one of Jaq's beads (Sgt. Pepper) I am hoping she will have some soon...will have to email her and ask.

Ok, will try to update with pictures later, but I need to get dressed and get Georgia off to school.