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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another Week Passes....

Hard to believe it is almost Easter and the Kids have now broken up for End of Term. We have a few things planned, Georgia wants to go bowling and to the cinema (not on the same day). I have to work a couple of days over the holidays, but luckily she can come with me.

She said the cutest thing last night. We were sitting watching Eastenders, and the scene with Ben and Stella was on, and Georgia told me that you have to tell somebody if you are being hurt by someone else. I said that I would never do anything to hurt her, and she said " I know Mummy, because I am precious, and you love me". It was so heart warming to hear her say it.

This afternoon while transferring some photos from my Laptop to my new super dooper PC, I managed to loose some pictures taken earlier in the month. The were some of Lynsey's girls and some of Georgia. I was pretty upset when Georgia told me not to be upset as she would let me take some more. When she put it like that, they weren't a special event that cannot re done again, they were just pictures taken on a day...any day. So she told me she would hug her Bunny especially so that I could take some more worry over, it's not the end of the world.

This evening we are all going over to Lynsey & Paul's for a chinese. And by some small miracle I am already packed and ready for the MKScrappers Monthly Crop...I have even managed to get everything into the bags...something that I have not been able to do for a couple of months as I keep over packing....I am unable to travel light.

I managed to get a couple of Dolly Beads this morning from Jacquie's regular Saturday release...boy do they disappear fast...

Anyway, better go and get myself ready before we head out. I promise pictures tomorrow, cause who wants to read all my daily drivel.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I was listening to Radio 1 on the way to my clients this morning, and Sara Cox mentioned about watching a film in the evening and how you need to start watching by 8pm or you will be late to bed. Well she then made me think about the last film we watched...Casino Royale. Which obviously got me thinking about Daniel Craig aka James Bond. Boy does that man have a buff body, as long as you don't notice his sticking out ears. Well five minutes later Sara mentions Daniel Craig...his buff body and how he looks like he has the head of Chesney of Coronation Street....which had me in histerics...she is soooo right. Still he does have the most amazing blue eyes....

Ok, back to work...once I stop daydreaming about Daniel Craig in speedos...will update again this evening...

Sunday, March 25, 2007

New Dolly Beads

Tomorrow I am expecting some lush new Dollies. I was lucky enough to get hold of Sirius...and it is stunning. I also ordered a couple of beads a while back. Georgia decided that she wanted us both to have a bead each...the same. So I commissioned Jacquie to make us two beads the same. Georgia said it had to be pink with pink/purple/black dots. Jacquie did a wonderful job and even made one beads ever so slightly smaller than the other. So here they are...

Today I also ordered myself a new Mobile phone. I have two contracts, one for me and one for David, although both are in my name as I got it for him for Christmas many many years ago. Anyway one of the was playing up, and we have an agreement that I get the new phone, and he has my old one. So I ordered myself a new Nokia 7373 in pink, and he will have my Sony Ericsson Z520i.

Anyway I also made something that I can share, the Jenni Bowlin Project Kit this month had these lovely little hangerz in them....and here is my version.

I also made a "Love" Door Hanger for Georgia in the week, and here it is.



Pictures at last...

Well it has taken a couple of days to get my new PC up and running and get all the software loaded and made Vista compatible, and now I can load my piccies. I did the first canvas of Georgia in the snow at the MKScrappers crop last Monday. Pretty simple really, used a Poundland £1 canvas with easel painted with Jo Sonja paints, added the picture, used Heidi Swapp corner stamps with black Stayzon, and stamped directly onto the photo, and then added some of the new Heidi Swapp heart bling...well a whole pack actually.

The next canvas is also a Poundland £1 special, but on this one I have used a picture of Georgia taken at school, while the foundation year performed a Dragon Dance as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations that they were learning about at school. The kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves, as did the teachers who provided the music, by all playing something, we had whistles, guitars, drums, was a fantastic display from both the Kids and the Staff. I used the lush new DCWV Far East patterned cardstock and ribbons. The nice people at DCWV kindly made some 5.5 x 6.5 inch cardstock pads, which were perfect for the small canvas. I also used some lush K&Co rub-ons for the title. The canvas was given to Georgia's teacher, Mrs Kirkpatrick who was over the moon and showed it to the whole class...the other foundation teacher, Mr Cross was envious and thought it should be shared...Mrs Kirkpatrick was having none of that though.

I have a few other things that I can also share, including a LO that I did as part of the ScrapaGoGo Design Team with the March Kit. I will add them in a minute as I need to get them off the other computer.

We have 3, well actually 5 computers in the house. One is in the garage and controls the music when we have BBQ's in the summer. The next is an old laptop that we got when we were in New York in 1999, Georgia was using it to play some old games. Next we have the PC that we have just replaced, which was the main family computer, well mainly mine...LOL, then comes my laptop which is almost 2 years old, which is for my work, and finally the new Dell PC that arrived on Friday. They all work, so I am loathed to get rid of them, especially as they are worth next to nothing I put them go use around the house. The old family PC will become Georgia's PC, and we will load all her games and learning programs onto it. Four of the Five are actually contected to the Internet, only the old laptop is incapable as it would be too slow. So Georgia will still be able to play on the CBeebies website...a girl has to be able to surf the web ya know.

Anyway, enough for now. I will be back later with some more pictures.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

WOW, this week has flown by again, and what a fab one it has been. Last night I went to a Pamper Evening at Georgia's school run by the Friends of Merebrook. I had a Colour Me Beautiful colour consultation, and found that some of the colours I have been wearing are all wrong. She told me that I am a contradiction in colours as my skin and hair are naturally cool, but my eyes are warm (I am a dark/dirty blonde with brown eyes). I found that I should be wearing brighter colours with no yellow, I am a pink/blue undertone. Typically I wore a top that I rarely wear, only because I got the one I intended to wear dirty minutes before I was about to leave the house, and it was not one of "my colours". I also had my nails done, and they are now a lovely pinky/scarlet colour (one of my new colours), followed my a makeup makeover, which has given me a few new ideas.

Yesterday my new Dell PC also arrived, and I am now fully has a magnificent 22 inch widescreen monitor. Now I just need to get all my music, pictures and emails transferred over before Georgia takes possession of the old pc and loads her Dora game on it. I also got a Playstation 2. With the release of the PS3 this week, prices had come down, and I managed to get one of the slimline ones for £60. Now I just have to order the Buzz games that we want, and a Dance Mat game for Georgia.

I have been crafting this week, a little more than in previous weeks. With David now in the house in the evening/night I find that there is less time for me to disappear into my craft room to create. I made a cute little canvas on Monday and the MKScrappers Crop, which has a picture of Georgia playing in the snow. Used my lush new Heidi Swapp corner stamps, and heart bling. Then on Thursday night I made a canvas for Georgia's school teacher which had a picture of the Kids doing a Dragon Dance as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations they had in February. She was so chuffed, and loved it. She even showed it off to the class in morning registration, and the other Foundation teacher was envious and asked if it was for everyone....I think he wanted one.

Today I intend to play in my craft room for a while, and maybe a little housework, but to be honest if I do it today, it will only get messed up by Georgia before the weekend is over.

Will be back to load pics later.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

Wow, I have had such a lovely, if somewhat hectic few days. Monday Georgia came home from school with broken shoes, so we had to dash off to Clarks for a new pair....I came home £92 worse off, as she persuaded me into buying her a couple of dresses and cardigans. They are the proper old fashion style pretty summer dresses, so I could hardly refuse now could I. In the evening I went off to the MKScrappers Monday Night Crop, and my lovely friend Lynsey treated me to a few things from the shop ( I got 2 packs of 7Gypsies 97% complete stickers, and a 7Gypsies Journal...aren't I a lucky girl.

Today was work as usual. Georgia made me wear a "Birthday Girl" badge, which was a little embarassing, particularly outside the school when people were wishing me Happy Birthday and I couldn't work out how they knew......that darn badge...LOL. I received a lovely box of Belgian Chocolates from one of my clients...yum yum. Then after school I had a hair appointment...had some highlights (copper & blonde) and then a semi in chocolate brown. I love it.....looks all shiny and glossy. So with my new hairdo I went out to dinner at the Wavendon Arms in Wavendon, just outside of Milton Keynes and on the way to Woburn Sands. Had a fab time with all the ladies from the BNI group that I used to belong too...fantastic food, lovely surroundings and wonderful company...what more could I ask for.

Today my lovely Dolly beads arrived from Jacquie, via Nick, her Husband and his wonderful delivery service. I got 3 stunning beads...Purple Velvet, Ferris Wheel & Passion....they are all lush, and I will post a picture tomorrow morning, together with the canvas I made on Monday night.

Well, I think it is time for bed...have had a couple of drinkies and feeling a little tipsy...and have to work need some sleep.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

What a Weekend!!

Had a lovely treat this Mothers Day, as not only is it Mothers Day, but it is also my 18th Wedding Anniversary. David treated me to breakfast in bed, and also bought me a new book...very unusual for him to get me a gift, but all the more special because he did. Georgia had also made me a card at school for Mothers Day, and I was also given a little Pansy to plant in the garden. With David's help she also got me a cuddly giraffe and bear with a chocolate heart, plus a lovely bunch of Tulips and a giraffe card. So I have had a lovely relaxing day of being pampered as we also had Roast Beef & Yorkshire Puds for lunch...yum yum.

Well, as I mentioned the other day, we went down to Surrey to see our families on Saturday. We had a lovely day, including a short trip to Woking Crematorium to leave a card and flowers for my darling Mum. David was cleaning the bench of all the bird poop, and a wonderful job he did too. As he cleaned Georgia and I were standing by Mum's tree (the tree her ashed were scattered at) and Georgia picked up a feather and started to tickle the tree...she said she was tickling Nanny....I could just imagine my dear Mum laughing away, and it was so touching it bought a tear to my eyes.

After that we went to spend a few hours with my In Laws, we had a lovely time. Georgia ate too many ice lollies and sweet, which is entirely usual when we visit. We often laugh that when she visits she comes away "fuelled by sugar". Once we were finished visiting them we went to Tesco's got one of their Chinese Meals in a bag...or 3 bags plus some extras in out case (well there were 6 adults, and 4 children to feed), and went to collect my Dad before going over to my Sisters. My Dad gave me a lovely Birthday Card (as I will not see them during the week, and it saves him posting it), full of compliments, and I had to laugh at the bottom it mentioned that all these traits were hereditary.....from him...cheeky so and so, as I am sure all the good ones would have come from my Mum.

Finally on Saturday I received my Jenni Bowlin March Kit, and also a largish order from A Million Little Things....full of goodies they both were, and maybe tomorrow night at the MKScrappers Crop, I will have a chance for a little play.

Tomorrow I am having 4 Dolly Beads delivered from Jacquie @, I am lucky that she lives in Northampton/Northants somewhere, and her husband, Nick, works in Milton Keynes. All are special orders I have placed over the last couple of weeks. One is a gift for my Mother in Law, and the others are for me. I have also commissioned Jacquie to make me two beads the same called "Georgia" in her favourite colours, so hopefully they will be ready very soon.

Anyway, all in all a lovely weekend, filled with family, love and laughter...roll on Tuesday so that I can be pampered some more.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thanks Rusty Pickle....

I don't know if I ever posted this, but back in December I purchased some Rusty Pickly Girlfriend Alphabet Stamps. Well when I went to use them, I noticed that the "Z" was missing. Now while it is not the most popular letter in the alphabet, and I did manage to do my title without them. Imagine the words you would be unable to stamps....Zoo, Zoe, Zack, Zebra, ok so Zoo & Zebra would probably be the only ones I struggled with. Anyway I emailed them back in December and got a lovely email back from Tasha Anderson saying that they would send me another set with the "Z" included. Well, I was looking back through my emails on Monday and realised that I had never received them. So I emailed again, and got an extremely prompt and very apologetic response from Christy Wood the Operations Manager. She promised to send me the stamps and some other can you imagine my surprise when I saw the UPS man rock up to my front door and deliver a parcel....yes it was from Rusty Pickle and included the stamps with the missing "Z" PLUS a Rusty Pickle Book, A Journey of Creativity, plus some Girlfriend file folders and a Girlfriend Quote Stack. I am so stunned, and what is even nicer is that the extra things they send me are from the same range as the stamps, and also some papers that I already own....yay for me...and Rusty Pickle of course.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What a Day!!!

Well it all started off with such promise. The weather was beautiful, we were on time for school, I got to Kettering on time....until, David calls me at 1.15pm, and tells me that he has broken down 250 yards away from the Toddington Service Station, Junction 12 on the M1. So I made a mad dash via the petrol station (to buy a tow rope) and travelled down from Junction 15 to 11, and back up to where he had stopped. After a short trip along the hard shoulder, and through the Services we exited and then called for a tow truck. Why is it that you always realise that you are desperate for the toilet when you are trapped in the middle of nowhere, with no toilet in sight. Anyway a little after 3.30pm the truck arrived and took David back to Chalky Whites in Fenny Stratford who will have it fixed for him in the morning (thank goodness they are one of my clients). So hopefully David should be back on the road without too much delay in the morning.

My ScrapaGoGo April DT kit arrived this morning nice and early. We have a different Parcel Postie this week as the regular one is on holiday, so I got to have a quick look at the kit, which is gorgeous btw. So many fab things in it, that I actually felt inspired to come into my craft room this evening.

Anway, after the excitement of today, I think I will have to get off to bed. I mean who knows what tomorrow will bring after a day like today.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

All Booked Up!!!

I finally sent my cheque off to Rachael for my place on the MKScrappers Retreat in Thame, Oxon in September, should be great fun. Now September is a long way off, and I need something else to keep me out of trouble. So today I booked to go to Imagine and The Big Stamp & Scrapbooking Show at Ally Pally in April. I booked to do 2 of the two hour Masterclasses on Saturday, Cosmo Cricket & Rusty Pickle. We are staying overnight locally at a small family run hotel called Glenlyn Hotel in North Finchley, just 3 miles away from Ally Pally. It is only a few pounds more than Travel Lodge, but has wireless broadband and also includes a full english breakfast (yum yum) in a lovely conservatory and also has a bar. On the Sunday I am doing a Fancy Pants class in the afternoon. Really looking forward to it, only 31 days to go...LOL

Feeling ready to handle anything I also decided to chase up Rusty Pickle about the "Girlfriend Alphabet Stamps" that I bought that had the "Z" missing. Well I got a very quick response and huge apologies for not sorting it more quickly (I first contacted them in December). A lovely lady called Christy Wood, the Operations Manager @ Rusty Pickle, said that she is sending a replacement set out today, together with some other Rusty Pickle goodies...cannot wait to see what they have sent.

Finally with the rest of my free morning I got up to date with paperwork, and sending out invoices to my clients...I mean they can't pay me if I haven't sent an invoice, and some of them have been nagging me for them all last week.

Anyway, let me leave you with another couple of pictures of Catherine & Melissa from the weekend...

Nite Caz x

Monday, March 12, 2007

Just Another Manic Monday...

OK, so Comic Relief does Fame Academy gave me the title for today's blog...

As predicted today has been one mad rush after another. Georgia and I happily sat having breakfast until I noticed the was 8:12 am...and we have to be at the school for 8:45....arrggghhhh...My hair was wet, I was in my PJ's, obviously no makeup...what a mess. Georgia is not known for hurrying, and we barely made it to the school before the 9am start. I felt a mess all day, as my hair, while dry, was not done as I like it...but little did it matter, as at 5pm I went and had it cut anyway.

I came home from the school run to see a note from the Postman...I had two parcels to collect. I knew what they were going to be, as I am only expecting a few things at the moment. One was a pizza box full of stash from Craft Obsessions, containing mainly Creative Imaginations products including some "Caution Girl" papers...which are fab. So I have lovely new stash here, but am too knackered to play with it.

Got an email this evening from Roz O'Hanlan Miss Lippy Chick herself, saying that she has added the Flip Book that I did as part of the ScrapaGoGo Design Team (Feb Kit) to her Customer Gallery...looks lovely, even if I do say so myself.

Forgot to mention that we ordered a wonderful, gorgeous, fabulous, sexy new Dell PC on Saturday....can hardly wait. It has a 22 inch widescreen monitor, Dual Core 2 Processior (2.13Hz), 1Gb RAM, 500Gb Hard Drive...and much more. Hopefully it will arrive towards the end of this week, and then I can get it up and running. It comes with the new Windows Vista Home Premium Edition, which looks great, although I wouldn't get it unless you are getting a lovely new PC with a minimum of 1Gb RAM as I hear it does need the larger amount of RAM. Will let you know what I think of it when I have received and played with it.

Well bed is calling, so here is another of the pictures I took over the weekend.

Caz x

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Just a relaxing Sunday...

Have had a lovely relaxing weekend, the first in ages. Saturday saw a mammoth house cleaning session. Having been so busy the last few weekends, the cleaning (one of my least favourite tasks) had been slipping. I really like a tidy house, but seem unable to maintain it. I am not sure it is entirely my fault, while David has many wonderful qualities, being neat is not one of them. Anyway housework was completed finally this morning, and then we had vistors for a Sunday lunch. Lyns, Paul, Melissa and Catherine all came for lunch, and thanks to David it was delicious. While waiting for lunch to be served (it had absolutely nothing to do with me, and never does) we had a little photo shoot with the girls. We got some fabulous are a couple of my favourites.

I'm really pleased with how it came out. I love that Catherine's face is in focus and her dress isn't. She has the most amazing blue eyes...such a cutie. Melissa has one blue eye and the other has a fleck of unusual and stunning. In the picture she was playing with cute does she look? The final picture is of my little pickle, Georgia.
She looks so dreamy in this picture...I wonder what she was thinking. I used a technique that I picked up from Kirsty Wiseman. The girls were sat on the deck in the garden, and I stood over them with them looking up into the lense. It produces such fab pictures, will definately use it in the future.

I have another full working week, and on the Saturday I am going to see the family. The plan is to have a takeaway, as an early birthday celebration....I turn 37 on the 20th. It is also my 18th Wedding Anniversary on Mother's Day. For the first time since Georgia was born, David has actually helped Georgia to get me something for Mother's Day...will wonders ever cease.

Anyway, as usual on a Sunday night, I have plenty to do in preparation for Monday morning, and the usual mayhem that it brings trying to get Georgia to get dressed...someday that girl is going to end up at school in her PJ's.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

New Dollies...

Ok, so I promised a new picture of my Troll Bracelet with the new Dolly Beads on, so here it is... The new Dolly beads are the 4th glass bead from the left...called "Sam", the 7th glass bead from the left...called "Hero", the 10th glass bead from the left...called "Magic Dragon" and finally the 12th from the left...called "Marilyn". They are all totally gorgeous, sadly I am almost out of space. I worked out that I have space for a maximum of 3-4 beads, provided they are not too bulky. A new bracelet may well be on the cards...but later this year.

Anyway, back to the rest of the Paint Cans from my class on Sunday. So here are the final couple...

Mid week mayhem...

I can't believe it is Wednesday already...well getting nearer to Thursday actually. Sunday was the MKScrappers Crop, sadly I didn't do a single thing...although I did teach my first ever class. Well my first IRL (in real life) class, as I did do a class for the Cyber Crop on UKScrappers early last year. Anyway, back to Sunday. The class was a paint can class, now some of the ladies had done them before, but there was some that had never tried. I was really pleased with how it went, even though I was pretty nervous in the beginning. I like to think that even those who had done a paint can before still learnt something new. The kit came from the lovely Jay @ Crafty Wot Name, and each person was able to pick 3 sheets of patterned paper from the shop (without restriction - they really had a huge choice), so we had a lovely selection of different colours and looks. I have a few pictures of those that had them finished.

There are a couple more, but Blogger seems to have reached it's tolerance for me uploading pictures. So I will do those in another post.

This week has been a little quieter on the work front, and I have actually been able to work from home for a couple of days. This worked out well, as I chipped my tooth on Monday, and also bit my tongue (I know, I am a nightmare) and now it is a little swollen...and my speech is a little strange, but is getting better each day, so the swelling must be going down. Hopefully it will be back to normal very soon.

I got 4 new Dolly Beads on Tuesday, plus a silver fair trade bead. I do have a picture, but will post it later.
Well, I am off for a hard earned soak in the bath.

Friday, March 02, 2007

WOW What a Week....

All I can say is "thank goodness it's the weekend. After being away all weekend, I had to hit the week running. This week we had Georgia's Parents Evening, and I am pleased to report that she is doing well. They have no concerns, and her teacher said what a pleasure she was to teach. The school do a spider graph to show progress in different areas. They expect each child to reach the number 6 line by the end of the school year. The measure 13 different areas of development and Georgia has already achieved level 6 in Numeracy, and level 5 in 5 other areas. The lowest level she is at is 3, and part of that the teacher believes is due to her shyness in coming forward to offer ideas and answers.

Tomorrow we have a house full, with David's Brother, his wife a son coming to visit for the day. Not sure what we are going to do get, but maybe a trip to Gambado's to run/climb off some energy might be in order.

Sunday I am teaching my first ever class at our local crop. A 2.5 litre Paint Can class...getting nervous, even though I know everyone....hope they like the class.

Got some more Troll Beads at the end of last week before I went away, but still have not taken a picture of them, will sort that out this weekend.