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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Don't you hate head colds in the summer...

Sorry I have been a bad blogger. I came down with a summer head cold at the beginning of the week, and it has been as much as I could do to keep up with work & Georgia let alone blogging.

So to be honest nothing particularly exciting has been going on here, but then I am sure that is pretty much the norm for the majority of us....there can't be excitement every day/week.

On a crafting front I am taking part in a CJ with some of the fellow members of the ScrapaGoGo Design Team. I was pretty nervous about taking part considering how talented this group of ladies are. I really wanted my CJ to pack some punch, after all I am sending it to the ultra talented Debbie Jewell, DT member for ScrapGenie, Collectively Yours & The Design Collective as well as ScrapaGoGo, so I wanted it to be great. But what should I do, what album should I use... I wanted it to be different. Then I saw some sneaky peeks on Bex's Blog about clear albums being released at CHA in July. I really really wanted to try one, but knew I would never get hold on one before the end of I went off to search 0n eBay and purchased a sheet of A4 4mm clear perspex and some A5 acetate sheets. David has kindly cut the acrylic sheet and rounded the edges for me, and also drilled the holes for the book rings. So my CJ is a clear album, with clear cool is that. Now I just needed a I was thinking for days when I had a conversation with a colleague about how we met our partners, and first date horror stories, when suddenly I decided it would be a great idea for a First Date Stories was born. So far I have completed the album and decorated the cover with blossoms, HS Ghost heart, Hambly transparency, American Craft rootbeer float thickers and Love Elsie Roxie chipboard buttons, and soft charm and ribbons including some of the Love Elsie Roxie ones... I have started my page using the ScrapaGoGo June kit, and will finish it tomorrow ready for posting on Monday morning. I just need to cut some tags (also acetate) for signing and the do the intro page.

This evening Georgia and I are off to a wedding reception for a couple of hours while David is at work. Tomorrow is the monthly MKScrappers Crop now in our regular new location in Olney...never been to the Olney location should be fun.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Today we sampled our first ever homegrown strawberries. Planted in a tub in the garden, we will never have a huge supply, but todays were the first one for each of us. They were so lovely and sweet, I am not sure if they really tasted better or whether we just think they did because we grew them...guess we will never know. I did however take a photo to mark the occasion, and here it is...

So today the weather forecast was for heavy rain, and I am not sure what happened, but it definately decided to stay away, but I think it will be back tomorrow. David had to work again today, so Georgia and I spent the afternoon crafting and watching "Music and Lyrics". I cannot believe that she actually loves one of my films. She sings along to the words to the opening song, which is called "Pop goes my heart" and has Hugh Grant dressed up in 80's gear as part of an 80's pop group called Pop. She is such a funny thing, and we spent the nicest day together, she was adorable and fun to be with.

So while the film was on I was busy creating another layout with my July ScrapaGoGo Design Team Kit....I love the page I created, I now just need to find the picture that I wanted to put in it...I know it is somewhere, if only I knew where that was.

I had the best morning with Danny the postman delivering 8 parcels. There contents included makeup, the QVC TSV from last Saturday, DCWV cardstock pads, Herma, Fancy Pants Chipboard, AC Thickers, Autumn Leaves Bag-o-Buttons and my July Go2Pieces mini pizza box.

We have also decided to take a family holiday to Cyprus, hopefully in mid August. We are just waiting for our Passport renewals to arrive before we go ahead and book any tickets. Before I go ahead and book I just need to check with my Auntie Sheena that we are ok to stay.

Tomorrow is a lazy family day. David will cook a fabulous roast lamb dinner, and I will be doing some tidying in my craft room...I really need to move my stash all back up there...I have a largish pile of it downstairs in the lounge....naughty me!

Anyway, that's all for tonight folks!

Caz x

Thursday, June 21, 2007

June ScrapaGoGo...

I can now share the layouts I did with my June ScrapaGoGo Design Team here they are. First there is a double page... Here is a layout that I did of David playing in the park...

And finally one that never made it into the PDF classes, or the Design Booklet. But was done using almost all the contents of the Go2Pieces, plus some paint from my stash...

I have have also done one with the ScrapaGoGo Charity Kit. Kits will be leaving GoGo heaquarters tomorrow, so not long for subscribers to wait now... If you haven't bought the Charity Kit yet, get your butt over to and see if they are still available, Lorraine and Janice are donating all the profits to the is such a good cause..go on check it out. David has a half day off work and is coming home at lunchtime, we have decided to go to PizzaHut together for lunch, something we rarely get to do alone. Georgia is off on a School Trip to Bedford Butterfly Farm. She has been before about 3 years ago, but cannot remember, so I am sure she will have fun, it is such a shame the weather is so bad though. Anyway, I have to get ready and off to work via the school to drop off will be back later.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You never know who might be reading your blog....

I never told any of my family about my Blog. I never thought anyone would be interested, and to save them taking the P*** I kept quiet. So can you imagine my surprise when I get a text from Cyprus and my Auntie knows I have a website, because my cousin Louisa told her...and so did my Sister. It seems it was found on a Google search.....or so I am told. So to all my family now reading...hello, and yes I know I am up late, and I promise to go to bed shortly.

So here is a family picture to share with my family in Cyprus. On Saturday afternoon Georgia decided that after we had washed our hair, she wanted to put it up in a towel like Mummy.

The next couple were taken on Wednesday last week, when Georgia was spending the day with her Grandad while David & I went to Nan's funeral. Dad took Georgia to the school with him to collect Hannah and James and then the three of them played...just look at those cheeky faces, and have you seen the state of Georgia's hair...don't think she let Grandad brush you?

Love to all the family near and far that are reading....feel free to come back and get an update whenever you like.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Week in Summary...

So it is almost a week since my last update, so here is the short version of events...

Tuesday - No Clients, spent the day scrapping and getting ready to travel to Surrey in the evening. Took Georgia to Gymnastics, had dinner and then drove down to Surrey.

Wednesday - Davids Nan's funeral in the morning, followed by lunch with the family in Runnymede. Spent Pam's (MIL) money on a Quickutz Revolution and some dies. Went to Dinner with my family in Weybridge, then travelled home in the evening.

Thursday - Had to squeeze in visits to two clients, but not much else.

Friday - One client visit, followed by picnic lunch @ Georgia's school. We were taking part in "Read for 15 minutes on the 15th", then back to clients only go back to school for 2.40pm to listen to story a darkened school hall by candlelight, I could easily have fallen asleep.

Saturday - David has to go to work at 12, leaving Georgia and I watching Craft Day on QVC. Without supervision I ordered too much, including the TSV HOTP Card Kit with the Auto Delivery in 90 days, DCWV Mini Self Adhesive Stacks, DCWV Far East Kit, DCWV 110 Cards Kit, and the final item was the K&Co Maison 2 Mini Books Kit. While watching I made up the cards, gift cards and tags from the Lisa Bearnson Kit that was on QVC back in May. So David was supposed to be home at 6.45pm, and we were going to a party at one of my Clients, who are moving to Ireland as soon as the school holidays start. Well David had to stay longer than anticipated and finally rocked home at 11.30pm....just a little late.

Sunday - Woken up this morning at 5.40am by Georgia...and David was missing from the bed. So called downstairs and no answer, checked out of the window and his car was gone. So a quick call to his mobile found him back at work, where he stayed until 11am this morning. Once home we spent the day doing odd jobs around the house and garden.

So as you can see much of the weekend has been just Georgia and I trying to entertain ourselves, with me trying to keep Georgia's grubby little mitts off my lovely stash. Lets hope next week is a little calmer.

Monday, June 11, 2007

New Fancy Pants...

No I am not talking about underwear (although I did get some in Asda this week). I am talking ScrapaGoGo July GoGo Create Kit....which contains the lush Fancy Pants Designs Floral Chic Papers. Now I have to admit to being a Fancy Pants Virgin having never used any of their papers before. Don't get me wrong, I love them, but I am was always afraid to cut them up....Well all I can say is I lost my Fancy Pants Cherry... Last night I completed a small project using them from the kit, and tonight I have done my first LO using them...sadly I cannot share it with you until 20th July...gosh that seems such a long time, but I am sure like the rest of the year so will rush by. I mean we are edging closer to the middle of June already and the School Summer Holidays are looming...but don't get me started on that.

Anyway tomorrow I am home. I didn't book a client as we are going down to Surrey tomorrow evening for the funeral, so I wanted to get all our stuff ready. Hopefully I will be able to have a
little time for some never know!

We had confirmation back from the school today, they have confirmed that Georgia has authorised absence for school on Wednesday. While reading the note, I noticed that Georgia has a 99.4% attendance. If only all the children in the school had such a good record.

Anyway, better get off to bed, or I will end up oversleeping and making Georgia late for school.

It's Here, It's Here...

Finally my parcel from has arrived containing all my "Love Elsie" stash. The lovely Parcelforce man delivered it at approx 8am. Georgia and I had great fun looking through the items and taking a picture of all my lovely much so that we were almost late for school...oopps...naughty Mummy.

So after waiting 16 days2 is a picture.

The chipboard album are sooo much bigger than I though. Everything looks so cute, although the products are slightly more muted in colour than the pictures shown on all the websites. That being said they are still lovely. I know many people are disappointed with the thickness of the paper, as it is not as thick as other KI Memories Products, but I always use cardstock as a base so doesn't bother me. In fact the lighter weight makes pages and mini books less bulky. The packets of chipboard buttons are small, but the buttons are a lovely size...not too big. I now cannot wait to get home and have a play...


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I HATE waiting...

I really am not patient when it comes to waiting for stash to arrive. I ordered loads, and I really do mean loads, of the new Love Elsie range from the US on 25th May, and it was posted on the 26th via Global Priority....and I am still waiting. It is almost two much longer will it be I wonder...I am not sure how long I can hold out...LOL

This week so far is continuing in what is becoming the norm.....chaotic. I am hopeful that the chaos will end soon. Georgia started Gymnastics with MKSpringers on Tuesday and is continuing to enjoy it. She can now do a forward roll, and pull herself up afterwards. She was even doing hand stands wth help from one of the Coaches. She is working on the vault, but needs to remember not so stop when she gets to the springboard. She is trying so hard, that I am sure that it will click very soon...and then there will be no stopping her.

With the flooring almost done in the lounge (just the trim and door strips to be done), I am looking around trying to decide on the next project...which will be the Bathroom. Our bathroom is incredibly small. It is only the length of the bath and the width is the bath, toilet and basin with small gaps between. With this in mind we have decided to ditch the bath and have a shower enclosure instead. Thankfully one of my Clients is a Bathroom Showroom, so I get extra special rates....and they can get one of their best plumbers to do the work. So now I just have to decide and price up what I want/what can fit....ohhhh decisions, decisions.

Well, I am knackered and have already dozed off on the sofa this bed for me I think.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Phew...What a Day!

Well I know Sunday is traditionally a day of rest....but not in this house on this Sunday. All week I have been talking about getting a wooden floor laid in the lounge, and yesterday David, Georgia and I went shopping. We had intended to buy laminate flooring, but found some real wood flooring on a final clearance in we just had to snap it up. It cost more than we had originally budgeted, but then that was laminate and this is real wood. The room is almost finished, I would say approx 3/4 done, and David is working for a few hours tonight so will be off tomorrow and able to finish it. While laying the new floor we decided to have a move around of furniture... so we will stick with the new layout for a few days and see if we like it.

So while David was busy Georgia and I dropped into the MK Sunday Crop and spent a few pennies in the shop as did Georgia. Then off the Homebase to pick up a tool David needed, and then onto Subway to get some rolls for lunch....mine ended up being my dinner too. Finally arrived home at 1.30, and by 3.30 I was back in the car and off to do some food shopping at what with tidying up after David and rushing around all day...I am cream crackered...

Ok, so a couple more piccies. I have to share these couple of Harry & Georgia from cute do they look together.

That's all for tonight folks....more work to do before tomorrow morning.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

What a Wonderful Day!

We had such a lovely day yesterday. Lorraine and Harry arrived at 11.30am to find me still in my PJ's...I was just getting dressed upstairs I swear. We sat and chatted and Ann, Eloise, Robert and Jamie arrived at 12.15pm. After a quick chat Ann & I set the GoGo June Grab-Its live.....we had the power to make many a GoGo Subscriber happy...and Then we went off to Pizza Hut for lunch. We had a lovely time eating and chatting. While Lorraine & I were chatting the emergency exit alarm went off....Ann and Robert came back from the toilets and Ann said "Who set off the alam?" to Robert...and he pointed at Obviously we knew that it was Robert, but he blaimed his Mum without hesitation. Once lunch was over we came back here and after a cup of tea/coffee we went for a walk in the park...armed with our cameras... Eloise was busing making daisy chains with the large daisies growing wild in the long grass. She was not keen to pose, but I got this sneaky shot almost as soon as she started.

Harry also had a go at daisy chains...I could see the intense look of concentration on his face. What you cannot see is that he has the most amazing blue eyes and beautiful lashes.

Then there is Robert...the cheeky chappy. Boy was he hard to get a picture of....he was never still long

An then there was the super cute Jamie....such a cutie. Ann cannot believe that I got pictures of Jamie looking directly into the lense. I think he could hear the autofocus and see the little light on the front...and so he looked in the direction of the noise.

I have some more cute pictures of Georgia and Harry...he really took a shine to Georgia and told her that he loved cute.

Well today is another lovely day, so as soon as David is home we are off to Asda and also to B&Q where we will get new flooring for the lounge. Tomorrow is the Milton Keynes Crop, and I wasn't able to go as David thought he would have to yesterday he announced that he is not working during the day, but will be working on Sunday I could have gone after all....Arrrrgggg...Men!


Friday, June 01, 2007

Funday Friday...

After all the sad news this week, I am looking forward to a fun day. Not only do the June Grab-Its go live on the ScrapaGoGo website BUT........Lorraine and Ann are coming for the day with the I will have a house full of fun. After the week we have had, it is a nice end. The sun is shining outside, and the sky is nice and clear blue so looks like we are in for a lovely day...outside. It feels like we have not been able to go outside and play for ages....since it has rained on and off for a week. I will have my camera at the ready.

More on the sad news...there is going to be an autopsy for David's Nan, as she had been released from hospital into the care of a nursing home, and died within a couple of hours of getting my mind it means she was not fit enough to travel...although at 96 she would be anyway. So the funeral has been booked for Wednesday 13th, she told us that she wanted to have her funeral on a Wednesday as all her friends would be meeting in the Church Hall for the weekly club, and that way they would all have transport to get them they are there already. So she actually got one of her final wishes, that and she is finally back with her husband who died over 50 years ago.

I will be back tonight with news and pictures.