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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Feeling sorry for myself...

Sorry there have been no updates from me this week. I have a nasty ear infection that started on Sunday and I finally have some antibiotics to get rid of it. I took Georgia to school this morning and ended up crying in the car on the way home with the pain, I am sure it felt much worse than child birth. Anyway I spent the rest of the day on the sofa nodding off. It seems my ear hurts less when I am laying I think I need to go back to laying down as it is starting to ache again...fingers crossed these antibiotics kick in pretty damn quick.

Hopefully I will be back later in the week with her space my space pictures and lovely things to share.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Made Some Cards...

Those who know me well, know that I rarely make cards anymore. I came into Scrapbooking via Card Making, but since converting have made very few cards. I have recently been inspired by the GoGo Greetings DT....they are such a talented bunch. Anyway I needed to make a card as Georgia is going to a boy from schools Birthday Party this morning. I used BG Skate Shoppe papers and an EK Success Corner Punch. The letters are the BG ones. I am really pleased with it. I think I need to treat cards as mini scrapbook pages. The next card is one for Georgia's Best Friend at school. It is her birthday next week, and Georgia is going to her party next Sunday too.

I used CI papers by Samantha Walker for this card. Again, I think I have treated it like a Scrapbooking page. I am pleased with the result...let's hope Hannah likes it.

Finally I made a New Home card. One of my Dad's neighbours has moved, and funnily enough they have moved near to me..well actually it is about 15 minutes away...just the other side of the M1. So I want to keep in touch as they are a lovely family. Rob used to play Rugby for London Irish and has now taken a post in a local school as a Sports teacher, and his wife Frankie is a Photographer...I think I am going to be helping her with a project pretty soon...and hopefully she will let me come on one of her photo shoots to gain some tips.

I think this card was definately inspired by all the fab card makers who's Blogs I have been reading the GoGo Greetings Team.

Anyway, we are off at 10.30 to take Georgia to her party, and then at 1pm when it finishes we are driving down to Surrey to see David's parents and help them set up their broadband...



Friday, September 21, 2007

HS:MS Stare

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "Stare". I have cheated a litle again today as this picture was taken 3 weeks ago @ Woburn Safari Park. We were in the Australian Walkabout section with the Wallabys and Rheas and with my Nikon D80 and a zoom lens I managed to get this picture. I was actually pretty close to the Rhea and he could have easily taken a few steps closer and pecked me...thankfuly he didn't and I got this fabby shot....On the original larger picture you can see all the feathers standing up.

David is due home today, and we can't wait. This week has been tough managing it all on my own, but at least it was only a week.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Time to share my September GoGo Create DT work...

Ok, so it is finally the 20th and now I can share the work I did as part of the wonderful GoGo Create DT with the September Kit. This month featured the oh so lush Heidi Grace Urban Acres Blvd.

So here they are the first two were featured in the Booklet that accompanies the kit. Sorry the photo on the 6x12 is not as clear as I would have was a little dark in real life too...but I liked it anyway.
This month Lorraine and Janice featured four Masterclasses online, one of which was my "Paper Roses" technique. The PDF contains instructions on how to make them, and also some step by step pictures. The end if the PDF shows a card and LO I did using are the "Paper Roses" followed by the card & LO.

I am already starting to work with Octobers Kit which is devine. The papers are from October Afternoon, together with loads of lovely bits. Check out the ScrapaGoGo Site (link to the right) and see pictures of the full kit.

Caz x

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

HS:MS Quirky

I am a little later than normal with todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space. Today it was "quirky", and I couldn't think of then I looked up and saw my Momiji dolls.....I think they are pretty here they are.

Only 2 more days and David will be home from Manchester....boy does this week seem like a long roll on Friday.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

HS:MS Hang

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "Hang". So here is a picture from earlier in the month, just before Georgia went back to school. She loved "hanging" on the monkey bars in the park over the road from where we live, and is so proud that she can now go all the way across.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Layouts from the First Annual MKScrappers Retreat...

OK, so here are the layouts I completed while I was away at the weekend. I am pleased to say that I have now used 3 sets of my Love Elsie papers....I now only need to use Betty & Jack+Abby. I have to say that I love the range, but I am bitterly disappointed in the quality of the stickers. The alphabets and tabs are hopeless, they keep coming off and are bound to get lost very soon. I have already lost one of the n's on a page and had to use and upside down u...

So here is the first one I did using Roxie. The picture as I mentioned in my earlier post today was taken at Woburn Safari Park over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

The next one was done using Love Elsie Lola range. The picture was taken in mid August when Georgia and I went to Suffolk for a couple of days to meet up with Lorraine, Zoe, Kirsty & Harry. Doesn't she look cute....even if I am biased.

The rest were done using the Love Elsie Toby range. I really love the colours of this range, turquoise is after all one of my favourite colours. Another LO using a picture of Georgia on the beach in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

I loved the colours so much that I did more with them...LOL

OK and finally here is the DLO I did, again with the Toby the tv ad says..once you pop you just can't that would make it once you start scrapping, you just can't stop.


Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "Us". Seeing as how David as gone off to Manchester on a course at before 6am this morning, things are more hectic in the house this morning than usual. So here is a picture taken over the August Bank Holiday Weekend....

I got back a little before 6pm last night, and by the time the car was unloaded and I had put most of the things away I was beat. Lynsey and I took some gorgeous photos of all the ladies that attended...gave them a super mini photo shoot. I think they were all really pleased with what they saw, all I need to do it process them and email them back to them. I think I want to do a mini book with details about each person as a little momento of such a fab weekend.

I will be back later today with some more pictures and pictures of the layouts that I did....I actually managed 6 SLO, and 1 DLO...quite pleased with myself.

Friday, September 14, 2007

HS:MS Tweezers

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "tweezers". So here are my tweezers. I love the design of these, they never fail to pluck the stray hairs in my eyebrowns, they have lovely large pads to hold easy to use....thank you Tweezerman.

I am in the final packing stages for the MKScrappers Weekend Retreat. All stash is packed and I just need to pack my clothes and have a quick vacuum around the downstairs. My new lappy is due this morning, no sign yet. I booked the delivery slot between 7am - they better get their butts in gear and deliver on time...or else...what I am not sure but it sounded good.

Took delivery of my GoGo Create October kit yesterday, and it is devine....totally lush. For those that subscribe you will not be disappointed....the stamps...yummy, the papers and bits...lush, and the G2Pieces is crammed and gorgeous. So if you don't subscribe...what the hell are you waiting on the ScrapaGoGo link on the right...and get a subscription to the UK's No1 Kit....go on, you know you want to....

I am going to try to take a photo tomorrow for SPS...I have been told the hotel has wireless internet, so I should be able to upload...fingerd crossed.
Ok, till laterz

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

HS:MS Kiss

This mornings prompt over on Her Space, My Space is "KISS". Here is a picture of Georgia and I this morning. I turned it black and white to get rid of our clashing colours...
Georgia always love to hold onto my face as she kisses me....they were tender little "butterfly" kisses (her words not mine).

Getting over excited about the Retreat on Friday and delivery of my new Lappy. Added some more stash to my packed bags...those who know we, know that when it comes to stash I am totally unable to pack "light". I think I have overpackers

Been off this morning to collect one of my new pairs of specs, hopefully the second pair will arrive today so that I can collect them either tonight or tomorrow. New specs always feel strange. I often get the feeling that people are staring at them...or maybe I am just being paranoid. Then again as one of my old bosses used to say..."Just because I am paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get me.
Anyway, back to work.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

HSMS : Cake & Print

Well got a bit behind and didn't manage the prompt yesterday. So this morning due to a change of plans I am working from home. Ok, so I don't really bake cakes and there are not cakes in the house...all I have is this packet, but trust me they are totally lush when made...yum I may have to make them this afternoon/evening.

Todays prompt is Print and I have a few printers to choose from..well 3 actually, but one is under the desk in the kitchen (DD's printer) and I cannot be bothered to grovel to take a here are my work printer and photo printer...

I went to the MFA (Merebrook Friends Association - similar to PTA) AGM last night and have agreed to be a general member and help raise funds for the school to pay for those little extras that the school needs. The MFA subsidise the annual Panto trip, school trips during the year, extra books for the library, equipment for the new outside areas for Year one & two. They do fantastic work, and although I don't have a huge amount of time, I will help where I can. I volunteered to help sell the secondhand uniform outside the school at the end of each term/half term. Although I did warn them that I am not the person to commit to being at the school for we have trouble getting there at 8.45am LOL.

We are now just three sleeps away from the MKScrappers Weekend Retreat. We are off to Thames for 2.5 days of uninterupted Scrappin'...what could be better. My stash is mostly packed, and childcare is all arranged....roll on Friday.


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Peace & Quiet has descended once more...

My visitors have finally left and there is an eerie silence all around the house. The cats have now decided that it is safe once more to return to the house. We have hearly seen Sooty since they all arrived yesterday, Sweep was a little braver and came in last night to sleep on our bed. Think we will have fun trying to get to school on time as Georgia only went to bed at 9.30pm, so two late nights in a row.

So only 5 more sleeps before I take off to Thame, Oxford for the MKScrappers Weekend Retreat. My stash is all packed, my printer is ready, and the new laptop will arrive on the Friday before I leave. I am really looking forward to some "me time" as for the last couple of months I have had to take Georgia to the monthly MKScrappers crop, due to David's ridiculous work hours. While she is generally really well behaved when she is there, I am more distracted, and don't get as much done as I would like.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another US Scrapping Celeb visiting my Blog...

Well what can I say, the lovely Karen Russell dropped by my blog, and took a look at the book I made using her kit. She left me a lovely comment...makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I love her products and cannot wait until the new CHA releases start to turn up in the US and over here.


Well, I have a full house here this evening. My Dad along with 3 of my Sisters 4 kids are here for the weekend. My Sister and Brother in Law are taking my Sisters eldest son, Alex (16) off to Harrogate tomorrow, were he is going to the Officers Training College, were he will start training. He spends about 9 months there, where he will be studying and then off to Catterick to complete is basic training. So to make life easier for them in the morning, I suggested that the rest come to stay with me, so that they can get away early in the morning. They need to be there by lunchtime and it is approx 5-6 hours drive.

We broke open the Wii this evening, as we needed to make sure that it worked. Obviously as it is a family Christmas present, we will be putting it away until 25th December...yeah right...LOL. Boy do you get a bit warm, not quite breaking a sweat, but definately "glowing". We had a go at Bowling, which is pretty easy. We then progressed to Baseball, now the pitching is easy, but the batting is much more of a challenge. Finally we had a go at the Tennis, again much easier, but I don't know how to make my teamie do anything...he just stands there..LOL. I am glad we got it as it was really fun, something we can all do, in fact Georgia is pretty good at the bowling having got a "Turkey" in the Bowling (three strikes in a row, for those that don't know). Hannah (6)managed the highest score in the Bowling, getting 197, but Georgia got the most strikes in any game, both the youngest got the best certainly evens things out.

Tomorrow we are off for a day of real Bowling up at the MK Xscape building, followed by lunch. That is if the kids will go to bed. It is 10pm, and Hannah and Georgia are still not asleep. James has just gone up, and I am sure Michael will follow eventually. I bet Hannah & Georgia will not beat everyone in a real game.

Friday, September 07, 2007

HS:MS - Talk

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is talk. In between the mayhem of getting ready for school and work this morning I managed to get this picture of Georgia phone her Daddy to "talk".
Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

New Gadget!

OMG...I just ordered myself a new laptop. A Sony Vaio AR41S, the Sony sites exact words are "As good as it gets: the Full HD Entertainment notebook featuring Blu-ray". I cannot wait, it looks so purdy and shiny...look. It is being delivered on Friday 14th September. I could have had it before, but that is the only day I am home to take delivery. Don't you just love getting shiny new gadgets!...I know I do.
The only downside, is that you have to spend time setting everything up just as you want it, but I am sure it is a hardship that I can deal with.

HS:MS - Hold

Ok, so I haven't been able to join in for the last couple of days. So many things going on in preparation for Georgia's first day back at school (today). We are also having a mass tidy up and furniture move as we will have a house full at the weekend.
So here is my take on the prompt, Georgia and her Daddy holding hands.
Will be busy checking out everyone elses take on the prompt today, I really love to see everyone elses pictures.
Hope everyone has a fun day. Will post a picture tonight of Georgia on our way to school, and compare it to last years photo...she has grown so much.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Karen Russell "Snapshots of a Good Life" Kit

I ordered one last month, and finally got to use it at this months MKScrappers Sunday Crop. If you haven't checked out Karen's work, then you really should, it is beautiful and inspirational.I packed a ton of my Karen Russell products, which is a considerable pile of stash...even if I did forget a few bits. So now I can show pics of the completed project. The kit was so clever and innovative. I mean who would have thought about taking a CI Bare Elements picture frame and splitting the back from the front to make a book. Well Karen did, and here is my version. I filled it with pictures of Georgia and I our recent trip to Aldeburgh. I had so many pictures taken on that day that I needed a fun way to display them. Georgia told me in July that Daddy was fun, but Mummy wasn't, so this book will remind her how much fun Mummy really is.

Just one more day and they are back to school....not long now. I must remember to have my camera ready on Wednesday morning to get some going into Year 1 pictures.
Have fun.