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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Day Two of the UKScrappers CyberCrop

Ok, so another day is almost over. I have completed 5 classes, 1 challenge and also played Bingo in a chat room. There have been some fantastic classes, but I have to say that amongst my favourites were both of Shimelle's classes. They were "Drink Me" and the classes involved making a little 3x3" album, and "The Box of Sweets" which involved a 12x12 LO using a picture that was 12" across. Mine was a little small as I forgot to get one printed at I just improvised, and here are the results.

I also enjoyed the class by Kate Hadfield (whatkatiedid). She is a Digi Scrapper and her work is absolutely lush. It has a real depth, and if you didn't know better you would think she was a traditonal paper scrapper. I didn't have the software loaded on my new PC, so decided to take the paper route. As soon as I get the software loaded I will be having a go at a Digi version. And here is what I came up with.

Anyway there is one more day of the CyberCrop left and I am flagging....I think an early night is in order, and I will endeavour to catch up a little in the morning.

Nite, Caz x

Day One of the UKScrappers CyberCrop...

Well day one is now officially over, and so far I have completed three classes and one challenge.

The classes have been a lovely mixture of techniques from paint and doilies, and decorative scissors, mini books. Here is a picture of the LO I did for the first class.

It isn't really wonky in real life....just my late night photography and cropping skills...LOL

Anyway, off to bed as I need to recharge my batteries ready for a full day of scrapping tomorrow...turns out David doesn't have to work tomorrow after no interruption in my scrapping to look after Georgia.

Nite, Caz xx

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Don't you hate it when technology goes on the blink just the day before you are due to take part in a CyberCrop Weekend on one of your favourite scrapping forums (UKScrappers in this case). The past few weeks since I got my new PC, I have been having problems with my incredibly slow broadband speeds. We were so shocked at the PC is pretty powerful...certainly powerful enough to download a few web pages. Anyway today it was slower than dial up, considering I have an 8Mb connection, that is pretty worrying. So I phone up BT Broadband and get through to a call centre in don't get me started on that issue. Anyway they checked the line and basically tried to persuade me to upgrade to a 16Mb download speed. Now I am always interested in upgrading if there is no extra cost, and if i can notice the difference but I decided to hang fire. Anyway I decided to go and get myself a new Router instead. We got a new all singing/dancing Belkin SuperFast Modem/Router that uses the new standards...previously they were 802.11g or b...and they are now n....anyway it cost us £140, but it works like a dream, even our wireless connections around the house whizz although it cost us a pretty penny, I am a happy surfer tonight.

So lets see if I can upload another picture on Blogger tonight. This is a picture I took last weekend. From top left Jody 12, James 8, Hannah 5, Georgia 4. They looks so cute all squished up together. Here is another this is Hannah my niece, she is such a character....she is so confident and boy is she loud...she has absolutely NO volume control...LOL

And finally here is one of Georgia taken while she tries to learn the fine art of skipping.

Ok enough for now, better get to bed as I am sure this weekend will be made up of very little sleep. Nite Caz x

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Well after a lovely relaxing weekend, the week started off in it's usual hectic manner. I have 15 regular clients for whom I do bookkeeping, and 6 of them have VAT returns that need doing this month, 6 next month and only 3 the month after. So I am now 2 done, and 4 to go....another will be finished tomorrow, and the final 2 on Friday. Anyway enough of the boring stuff. Here is a picture that I took over the weekend. This is my Sisters Step Daughter, Jody aged 12. She is a stunning young lady and Georgia loves to spend time with her. We don't see her as often as we would like as it depends on if she is with her Dad for the weekend.

Tomorrow I have to go to Gambado's to book Georgia's birthday party. She has made a list and at the moment there are 21 names on it including hers.So we are hoping we can book for either May 18th (Friday) or 19th (Saturday). I hope they can do the party on the Friday that way we can go and visit my niece Hannah who will be 6 on the 18th over the weekend.

Anyway this week is the lead up to the UKScrappers Cyber Crop, and I still have soooo much to do. I have received my Eat Me! Drink Me! was full of lush galaxy and thorntons alpini bars......yum yum. I have also received my "Royal Flush" ATC's...which look FAB. I need to finish my project with my Mystery Kit, and also make a planner. I am going to try to get onto that tomorrow night.
Anyway, enough for now....bedtime soon.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Halfway through another weekend...

After the hectic return to school this week, we have had a relaxing weekend with family and friends. Yesterday we travelled down to Weybridge, Surrey to spend the day with our family. We had a lovely time with my Sister, the kids enjoyed playing in the garden followed by a simple BBQ.

Today we are off to another BBQ, this time locally with friends, and the weather is supposed to be even warmer, at the moment it is hazy, but I expect the sun will burn that off pretty soon.

I took some fab pictures yesterday, and will share them this evening once I have finished processing them. But I can share this LO done as part of my DT work for ScrapaGoGo, and the GoGo Create Monthly kit, if you are not already a subscriber, check them out...there is a link to the right. This LO is done using the April Kit which features the delish Crafters Workshop papers, plus one of their journalling/doodling templates. The kit also contained some lovely little reels of ribbons, including the one that I have used to focus around the photo, some Queen & Co sequins, L'il Davis chipboard letters, plus many other bits and pieces.

May kit is equally filled with all things lush....including Upsy Daisy Ice Cream Shoppe papers...they are so sping inspired...and perfect for so many LO's. There is a sneak peek on the GoGo Girls blog...check them out.

I have been having a tidy up in my Scrap Room in anticipation of the upcoming Cyber Crop on the moment I think I have made it messier than before...but fingers crossed I can finish it off this evening once Georgia is in bed.

Ok, enough for now, I will be back later with a few pictures...Caz.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

As life returns to normal...

We have had a lovely relaxed afternoon. After yesterday's hectic schedule...I really needed to kick back. Georgia went to her friends party and had a fab time. I stayed and took a little over 200 photos..some better than others. But trying to take pictures of 5 year olds running around a dimly lit hall (curtains were closed for the disco) is certainly a camera stayed firmly in auto...well it had to if I wanted a cat in hells chance of actually getting anything that resembled a child in focus.

Here is one of my favourites...of Georgia, Katherine & Hannah (the blonde the brunette(ish) and the redhead).

Well it's Sunday night, and school goes back tomorrow and I return to working 5 days a week. The uniform is ironed, the PE kit is clean, and we are ready. Georgia is looking forward to seeing all her friends again. We had such plans for the second week of the holidays, but all that was blown out of the water when we all became ill. ...nevermind we did have some fun...and spent lots of lovely time together.

Here is something that I have been working on this a-maze-ing book. As I mentioned before this is just for me and is not part of any swap on UKS.....I had an idea and knew I wouldn't want to part with now I don't have to.

These are just a few of the pages as there are too many to upload. I am now working on something with the UKS Mystery Kit....fingers crossed it works as I think it will be a fab...if I can pull it off.



My Day with Lance "Mr Pickle" Anderson...and the GoGo Girlies

Wow, I had such a fantastic day yesterday. It was wonderful to see Lorraine, Janice, Zoe & Kirsty again, and also to meet my fellow GoGo create DT members, Jennie, Eileen and Ifa. I managed the 105 mile journey is 2 hours 5 minutes and arrive ahead of schedule @ 8.50am in Kesgrave. The hall was fantastic, light bright and spacious. I was greeted with a warm hug from Lorraine, and also one from Janice & Ifa. "Mr Pickle" arrived at about 9.35am, and came with armfuls of wonderful kits. There was some initial confusion as the kits we thought we were doing were not the ones that he had with him. It appears that an email from Rusty Pickle to Lorraine had been lost in cyberspace. So instead of Princess Bride & Guinevere, we had the choice of Girlfriend & Pirate. Well it was obvious that I would have to opt for Girlfriend, as I already own some of the products in the range and totally love them. It was great taking another class with Lance, and when I was choosing my kit, I mentioned that I had travelled 105 miles to take this class after I was disappointed that "Imagine" had been cancelled...I also handed over a nice big bar of Galazy chocolate as I know he has a love of English chocolate...this was greeted with a large bear hug...most men are so easy to please. Well the class was packed with people, and techniques and was pretty fast paced, thankfully Discover Bonanza 2006 had prepared me for this. The book was amazing, and as soon as I have put some pictures in this afternoon I will take some pictures and post them on here. I do however have a couple of pictures...the first is on "Mr Pickle" signing my one of his books that I purchased and also my class book. This next picture is of the GoGo Girlies with "Mr Pickle"...from left to right....Zoe, Janice, "Mr Pickle", Lorraine & Kirsty. Ok, I have to get cracking, Georgia is off to a Birthday Party @ lunchtime, and I still need to make a birthday card. Will be back later with more pictures etc.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The Holidays are almost over...

Well, I posted too soon on Sunday last week...that night I spent most of my time laying on the bathroom floor as I came down with the bug that had already seen Georgia & David sick over the weekend. I only started to feel human again on Wednesday, but decided that I may as well take it easy for the rest of the week...didn't want to miss craft day on QVC.

Last week a cybercrop was announced on UKScrappers....with a Mad Hatters theme. I take my hat of to Fi (ScrappyBunny) I cannot even begin to imagine the amount of work she puts in to make everything run so smoothly. For the first time I have decided to take part in some of the pre crop swaps. I have signed up for the Eat Me, Drink Me! swap, which as you can guess is chocolate and drink to keep my fellow team mate sustained during the intense weekend. The strange looks I got in Asda today when people say that I had a huge supply of Galaxy in my basket...I said they were being sent to someone overseas, it was so much easier than any other explanation...LOL. I have also signed up for the Royal Flush ATC swap....each member has to make 5 cards the same on a different card that make up a Royal Flush. I am making the 10 Clubs....they are almost done. There was another swap that intruiged me, A-maze-ing, but I decided that I would make my own rather than make one and send it on to someone else. I have taken some pictures, but my broadband and blogger seem to both be conspiring against they will have to wait until tomorrow evening.

I am off to Rusty Pickle @ CropaGoGo in the morning...a whole day spent scrapping, I can hardly wait. I was so disappointed when Imagine was cancelled, you can guess how pleased I was when Lorraine managed to persuade Lance to pop to Ipswich to teach a couple of classes there instead. So even though I received a free ticket to The Big Stamp & Scrapbooking Show at Ally Pally...I am not going. Instead I am travelling 106 miles, 2 hours and 13 minutes to Ipswich. This means an early start for me in the morning, so I am going to finish up now...will be back tomorrow night/Sunday morning with pictures.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

What a Weekend...

Well what a disaster of a long weekend we are having. Things were looking so good on Friday, after a fab lunch we went for a lovely walk in the park and took pictures. That night Georgia went to bed saying she had tummy ache. Well I heard her moaning at about 10pm and went into her room to find her bed and the floor covered in sick. Poor little mite as Gastic Flu. Yesterday I had to call the Doctors as she was vomitting bright green bile and unable to hold down water. Well after a trip there today she is starting to feel better, unfortunately now it is David's turn and he has come down with it. So I have left the two sickies downstairs laying on opposite sofas and I am hidden in my Craft Room trying to stay away from their icky germs.

I am just finishing some picture and will come back tonight with something for you all to look at.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Weekend is upon us....

Well what a week. Since I last blogged on Saturday last week, I have been to my monthly MKScrappers Sunday Crop. I finished a LO that I had started and also did an American Crafts Accordian Book with all the snowy pictures I took of Georgia in February. I will upload pictures this weekend. I have also managed to damage the nerve that goes to my little & ring fingers on my left hand. Went to the Doctors and he told me that it should heal on it's own, but if it is not better in two weeks to come back and he will refer me to the Hospital for some kind of is getting worse, so I forsee a trip to the Hospital this month.

Received my May ScrapaGoGo Design Team kit this week, and it is lush, as usual. The colours are totally springtime. I struggled a bit the other evening....I just could not come up with something that I like...that hadn't been a copy of someone elses the end I gave up. Then last night inspiration hit and a LO is now finished awaiting me to take a picture. I am also working on a couple of other bits. But I do like to get a least one LO under my belt ASAP....I have a deadline and want to make sure I never leave it all to the last minute...I really hate to disappoint.

Today we were supposed to be going to a BBQ with friends, but sadly one of the daughters is ill, so it has been cancelled. So we are back to a trip to Pizza Hut for lunch, which had been the original plan before the BBQ invite.

Ok, so off to get myself ready. Would love to show you the GoGo stuff but you will have to wait for April 20th for the April stuff and May 20th for the May stuff... but I will be back with non DT stuff over the weekend.