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Friday, November 30, 2007

HS:MS Soft

Todays texture on Her Space : My Space is "Soft", and things don't come any softer than my beautiful moggie "Sweep". She is the most adorable kitty. She is definately a Momma's cat, and will curl up on my lap and purr till her hearts content...licking me with her rough little tongue. Her coat is somewhere between long and short hair and feels like velvet to the touch. Her brother "Sooty" is a different story, he is incredibly nervous around people and will escape out of the cat flap the minute Georgia comes into the house, or when we have visitors and only returns when she is asleep or they have left. His fur is much shorter and not so soft & fluffy.

Georgia came home the other day with a note from school asking for a sheep costume for the school play, now they did't say you had to buy anything, but Georgia didn't have anything that I could use (most of her clothes are pink...and I have never seen a pink sheep). So I knew I had seen a sheep costume in Asda so yesterday I popped it...but they had sold them all. So I decided to try Tesco as it was just round the corner. As I go up the escalator I can see Angel costumes hanging up....but can't see anything else. As I rounded the corner I finally saw that they had some sheep costumes and they were 20% cost me just £4.80...what a bargain.

Have a busy day again today, so better get going. Back later.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

HS:MS Bristles

Todays texture is "Bristles". I thought I would get ahead of the game today and get a picture before I left for work. So here is mine....the bristles on my hairbrush.

Georgia went to her School Disco last night and I was a helper...I took about 200 photos in the space of one hour. All the kids kept coming over and dancing in front of me wanting me to take their picture. Some were rubbish, but in amongst the rubbish are a couple of corkers.
This was one of my faves of Georgia and her friend Anneka not sure I spelt it correctly (said Arnica). She is such a pretty little girl.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

HS:MS Smooth

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "Smooth". Now Kirsty mentions worksurface, but that certainly wasn't what sprang to mind when I sat an thought about the word "smooth". So here is smooth in my space today.

Still busy designing bits with ScrapaGoGo December Kit, so far have done a DLO and 3 Projects...and I have another LO on the GoGo...hehehehe. This evening I am helping at Georgia's school fancy dress disco as part of the no peace for me.

Yesterday was my mate Lynseys birthday, and as a little surprise I went to see her. She saw my car arrive and wondered where I was....I was hiding behind the hedge trying to light a candle on a carrot cake (her fave) in the wind, with one hand (the other had the cake and gift). So she answers the door and I pop out an sing very quietly (and badly) "Happy Birthday", she was on the phone which is why was singing so quietly...think it made her laugh, and made her day too. We are off out on Friday evening to celebrate properly.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

HS:MS Rough

Todays texture over on Her Space : My Space is "Rough". Had real trouble today as the light is so poor, so here it is...wish I could have managed a better shot of the texture...but this was as good as it got.
Been busy working on December designs for ScrapaGoGo. Finished a couple of projects and a DLO, and I am really pleased with the will have to wait until 20th December to see them though...unless you are a subscriber that is...
**ETA - Dozey mare that I am, I didn't tell you what it was....well it's Heidi Swapp Sandpaper.**

Monday, November 26, 2007


This week over on Her Space : My Space we are looking at texture. Todays texture is "wet". Well isn't it just typical, on the day for wet when I was looking for doesn't rain. So anway here is what I came up with instead.

Georgia and I have spend the day together as the School was closed for a teacher training day. We spent our time watching TV, tidying up....sort of, and then getting messy all over again. We also started our annual ritual of watching christmassy films, and today was our first..."Elf". We have picked up a couple of the phrases from the film..."Cotton headed ninnie muggins" and "Son of a nutcracker".....they always make me smile.

Friday, November 23, 2007

HS:MS Crystal

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "crystal". A substance with geometric regularity. Find ' crystal' in your space today. Ok, so my picture is not as fab as Anita's...but I am pleased.

Off to do the weekly shop in a minute...we must be mad on a Friday evening...but it would be worse in there tomorrow....and anyway Georgia & I are out visiting all day tomorrow while David is working.


Thursday, November 22, 2007

HS:MS Thirsty

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "thirsty". To feel a need to drink something. Find 'thirsty' in your space today.

After a hectic morning, I came home dying for a lovely not tea...can't stand tea, and haven't drunk it for over 20 years. So here is "thirsty" in my space. This is my own recipe....I use coffee mate and milk, I am so slow to drink, that the coffee mate helps it to stay hot longer as I use less milk. Today I even frothed the milk a little with my frother.

Last night at the PTA meeting the committee loved my samples and ideas for the "gift room" at the Christmas Bazaar, so I came home last night and placed the order online. So we are having 90 coasters and 150 keyrings (50 each of t-shirts, houses & hearts) and the kids can decorate them and we will help them to wrap them ready to surprise their parents with on Christmas sure beats the other idea...a cheap tacky comb.....just don't ask...LOL

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

HS:MS Grain

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "Grain". A rough texture on wood or stone. Find 'grain' in your space today. Well I have tried a different interpretation. Now I did get down and get a picture of my wooden floor, but it was too I decided on "grains" of rice....

I am off to a PTA meeting at the school. Plans are in full flow for the Christmas Bazaar, and I have purchased some bits for the kids to do. They are going to have a room where the kids can buy a gift for their Mum's & Dad's. We have chosen some coasters that the kids can draw pictures to go inside, and I am hoping to tempt them with keyrings that the kids can do in the same way. I also got some funky foam snowflakes that they are going to be able to decorate.

Glad Anita managed to find time today to post a prompt, as my day felt strangely empty again while waiting for it to appear.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

HS:MS Alley

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "Alley". A narrow passageway between or behind houses. Show us an 'alley' in your space today.

Here is the alley that runs along the side of the house giving access to our garden without going through the house. While it is not the biggest alley, I like ours. It has lovely green ivy, beautiful scented lavendar and a gorgeous pampas grass. There is a streetlight right by the side of the house, but it is a lovely ball shape, and lights up the house in a pretty glow in the evening.


ScrapaGoGo November DT work...

OK, so today is finally the 20th, so I can share....

This first page is titled "I Crown You Miss Cheeky 2007"

This next one is called "Going to the Ball". This months kit was very unusual in that you got black and white papers with small amounts of pink and blue/green. As soon as I saw the sheet of patterned paper I knew that I could colour it in....I used glitter pens to give the page extra sparkle.
This next one is a 12x6 page. I really enjoy this smaller size as it works perfectly with a 4x6 photo. The picture is of my Step-Niece taken in the summer, she is growing up so fast, and turning into a young lady.

The final page that I did was for a PDF class, and was called "You Bowl Me Over". I wanted to do a multiphoto layout as I lean more often than not to single photo pages. So this one is using pictures of Georgia when we went bowling in half term, I turned the photos to B&W and they really seemed to have a vintage feel.

I also showcased an acrylic album using the kit. Although the album was not included in the kit, they were available to purchase in the "Grab-Its".

Ok, so I also created a card, decorated the little pot that the blossoms came in, and still have lots of pieces left. Check out the ScrapaGoGo Clubhouse and see what the rest of the DT came up with....stunning work as usual.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Venture Pictures...

Well here they are, up on the wall. I love them, they may have cost an arm and a leg, and I will never do it again...I have to stay away from time I find a local independant photographer with a white studio and get them to take them.....but put aside the cost, and I still adore them.

With no daily prompt over on Her Space : My Space because Kirsty has been over to Holland visiting with Anita, I feel as though something has been missing from my day. I have found myself regularly checking the Blog to see if there has been a prompt posted...but nothing, nada, zilch....please come back ladies...we miss you.

The rest of this week is a little easier work wise, and hopefully this can continue into the new year as October was hellish. I can't believe we have slightly more than one month to Christmas and I have barely started shopping...although I don't actually have that many gifts to buy.

Tomorrow (fingers crossed) my December ScrapaGoGo Kit should arrive. I have a couple of planned items and cannot wait to get my hands on it and get if you are reading Danny (my Postman)...I he would be..heeheehee, then please deliver it to me tomorrow.

Anyway that's all for tonight folks...back tomorrow with more.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Today is SOS over on Her Space : My Space, so here is a picture I took of Georgia yesterday after her fancy dress party. Can you believe the size of that balloon....and I had to blow it up...unaided.

Today has been spent doing odd jobs and watching Zoe 101 and Hannah Montanna with Georgia.

I collected my Venture pics yesterday and I am so pleased with them, once they are on the wall I will take a photo and post.


Saturday, November 17, 2007


Ok, it is Self Portrait Saturday (SPS) over on Her Space : My Space, so I decided that this morning all you were getting was a peek at my slippers...note to self, stick slippers in washing machine..LOL

Yesterday I received my November Jenni Bowlin kit, and for the first time ever I used it the same day....I know, shock horror...LOL. Anyway here is the LO I did last night.

Georgia is off to a fancy dress party this afternoon, and while she is there I am off to Venture to collect our prints....very excited.

Friday, November 16, 2007

HS:MS Away

Todays prompt on Her Space : My Space is "Away". So I have been "away" working so didn't get a chance to do a picture today, so here is one I took in August when Georgia and I were "away" for a few days in Suffolk visiting with Lorraine from ScrapaGoGo and her lovely family.

I really love the shot we took on the beach in Aldeburgh...the sky (when th clouds disappeared) was so blue and gorgeous every shot taken looked fab.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

HS:MS Minature

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "miniature. A replica of something in a smaller scale. Find 'miniature' in your space today.

Ok, so I have loads of these charm things that I use on minibooks, my favourites are the corkscrew and keys, so I have taken two pics today.

I have taken the pictures on a regular DL envelope so that you can see how small they really are.

Drama on a Thursday...

I was sitting in the lounge, minding my own business, drinking a cup of coffee when I noticed that Sweep, our female cat was up to something in the hall. So I get up to investigate and to my surprise she had a field mouse. I think she must have bought it in earlier this morning as I had just had a quick cuddle and she didn't have it then. She must have put it down in the hall and then it disappeared under a pile of shoes. Anyway I am sorry to say, no picture this time as I was worried that it would disappear into the house. Georgia wanted to keep it an now Sweep is wandering around the hall all dejected like she has lost her "play thing". This is not the first "play thing" she has bought home, we have had a baby bird, 2 frogs and now a field mouse, she is very accomplished in the art of catching things where as Sooty is afraid of his own shadow and would be scared of bird/frogs & field mice. Thankfully all but one "play thing" have left the house safely if a little shocked, the only exception was a frog that thought hiding under the mat by the front door was a good idea...maybe he was waiting politely to be let out, sadly he was a little thinner when he left as he got squished under said mat.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

HS:MS Collect

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "collect", To bring or gather objects together. Find 'collect' in your space today.

Those who have known me for a long time know that I am a "collector". I usually always collect something. As a child I have collected scented/novelty erasers (known as rubbers when I was young), badges, keyrings, Beanie Babies (I was an adult by then), Cabbage Patch Dolls (cute ones from the US, not the ugly ones from my childhood), Lladro & Momiji Dolls. Since I started crafting/scrapbooking I have stopped collecting...well apart from Stash and the occasional Momiji.

So here is a picture of my Momiji dolls, and I will try to find a picture of my Cabbage Patch Dolls...just to prove they are quite cute.


Tuesday, November 13, 2007

HS:MS Snip

Today over on Her Space : My Space the prompt is "Snip", to cut quickly. Show us "snip" in your space.

This was Georgia showing me that she wanted to give her frings a quick "snip".

Got to dash, collected Georgia from French and now she is going off to Gymnastics.

ETA..just looked at the photo and it looks pretty scary...but to set your minds at rest...someone was holding her arm, and they are not as close to her face as the angle of the photo portrays. I asked David to hold on so that I could get the shot....what am I like. She loves to cut things up, and generally she uses her own pair...she was just being her usual sneaky self.

Monday, November 12, 2007

HS:MS Almost

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is "Almost". Not quite or very nearly, show us 'almost' in your space.

Georgia came up with this idea. I was reading this mornings prompt and she told me my glass of water was almost I used her idea.

Georgia and I are trying a new morning routine, as so far so good, she has just finished getting herself dressed...including tights. She is about to brush her hair and try to put it in a ponytail. I have told her we will be having a chart, and everytime she does as she is asked she will get a smiley face, and if she doesn't she will get a sad face, and then at the end of the week she will get a treat if she has over 80% smiley faces.

Provided she continues to behave this morning, we are going to make Christmas decorations after school.

I also wanted to add a huge thank you for the words of support after my rant post on Friday, it was good to know that others had been through a similar time and come out of the other end....

Sunday, November 11, 2007

LO's from the Crop

I am really pleased with both of the LO's I did at this months MKScrappers Crop. I had an idea to use all my SPS pictures to make a sort of "Book of Me" and scrap each picture that I take. It took me a while, but I love this LO. Every LO that I have seen using the pink scalloped circle has placed it cut in half and vertically on the page, and while I love that I really wanted to make mine different. For the first time ever I used loads of my favourite products and didn't care if I used them up...I promised myself to not dash online and replace all the finished items

Materials used: Bazzill Cardstock, MM Noteworthy paper & glitter diecuts, MM glitter letters, HS chipboard, bling, acetate clock & journal spot, Fancy Pants crochet blossoms & button, MAMBI bling star and the crochet wings were from eBay US.
The other LO I did was of Georgia. I love the photos that David took of her when the went out together while I was cropping back in September, the sun in Georgia's hair is sooo lovely.

Materials used: All Creative Imaginations "Caution Girl"


Ok, so I am posting this just after midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning as I am off cropping all day tomorrow. I took this photo on Thursday this week with the new of the first. Georgia was so cute practising framing her photo with her hands...very cute.

Anyway I am all packed for tomorrow, and now I need to go and get some beauty sleep. I will be checking out everyone elses SOS's when I get home tomorrow evening, and will also share some of the things I did and the crop....provided I actually get something done.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Another picture...

Ok, so we rushed of to a Halloween Party, I had been to Asda yesterday and got a cape reduced from £6 to £1, and a witch hat that was reduced to 34p, and I was the only adult in fancy dress. Not quite an SPS as Lyns took the picture for me. I have had to play around a bit in PS Elements 5, as the background wall was an awful colour and I had a light switch and a picture frame coming out of my head. I am quite pleased with the results...although I am still learning and have a long way to go. So anyway here I am in my Witchy outfit...

Anyway, better get organised as it is the MKScrappers Crop tomorrow and as usual I am not packed.


Here is my SPS for to dash, will be back later as we are off to a Halloween Party...



Friday, November 09, 2007

My first non DT work in a month...

Today after all the stress has passed I decided to do a little scrapping...just for me...without limitation. I love my ScrapaGoGo kit and the work I do for them, but sometimes it is nice to do what you want and not worry about whether I am using things that are not in the kit.

I really should be getting on with chores, but decided that I needed some me time.....Anyway this is what I created and I am pretty pleased with the results, and even more so with the photo. I took it with my Nikon D80 (Maz...that bit was for you...) and my new lens. I take all my LO pics in the kitchen. I have 2 sheets A3 sheets of white paper stuck to the wall and then attach using blue tac. Normally I have trouble when the weather is dull and the light poor, as the pictures come out blurred etc. The new lens made a huge difference today and every picture taken was great even without a tripod.

Materials used:Doodlebug papers and glitter rubons, MM chipboard buttons and clear shapes and the title was stamped using Doodlebug foam stamps and black stazon (for "Trick" and "Treat") and Doodlebug stickers for the "or", the stitching effect was done with a black uniball roller.

HS:MS Disturbed

Ok, so todays prompt is "Disturbed", a feeling you get when something unexpected happens. Can you find it through your lens?

I was sitting opening the post, reading emails etc....all of a sudden the cat decided that a knock at the door was jumped off the pile of magazine he was sitting on and skated across the wooden lounge floor....he really is a scat cat...I wasn't quick enough to capture him...seeing as how my camera wasn't even all I got was the pile of magazines spread over the floor.
**ETA - A couple of you are trying to guess what the mags are...well they are Scrapbook Trends, Paper Trends and a couple of the Cards ones. They are currently my favourite mag producer. In sub to SI and CK too, but these feel like books rather than mags, and they also have a lot less advertising which I prefer.**

Could today get any crapper!!!

Is it just me or does this happen to Mums and Dads up and down the country and all across the world! This morning Georgia was refusing to get ready for school. I heard comments like...I don't want to go to school....Nobody will be my friend at school....I don't like school....I'm too tired...I was up half the night. She wouldn't get dressed, or brush her hair despite me asking her over and over again. In the end we were late for school, since she has been at school (she is in year one, so a year ago in Sept), she has only been late once and off sick once. I ended up having to take her in through the main entrance and saw that she had missed registration, she refused to say goodbye to me despite the Headmaster encouraging her. In the end the stress of this morning had me blubbing in reception and the HM taking me into his office to chat. I told him what I have been going through each morning trying to get her to school. He said that he will get one of the staff to sit down with her and see if they can get to the bottom of things, basically to see if there really is a problem or whether she is just trying to get attention. All I know is that I can't take much more. I am supposed to be working today, but have had to call the client and say that I can't make it, I am so stressed and just can't stop fact I can hardly see the screen at the moment.

Am I alone, or does everyone go through this sort of thing in the the moment I feel like I am the only Mum in the world feeling like this....and it is NOT good...I don't think I have ever felt so alone, and I miss my Mum so much, if she were around I could call her and she would put it all back into perspective for me.

TFI Friday!!!

I am glad we are almost at the weekend, I am feeling pretty knackered this week, although I still have a busy weekend to look forward to. Friday I am taking Georgia to a Halloween party...a little late I know, but the hosts sister was in hospital having a baby a little earlier than anticpated due to pre eclampsia...thankfully both are doing well now so the party is on. I am sure Geoorgia will be a cat....AGAIN.

Sunday is the MKScrappers November Crop, and I am looking forward to getting some layouts/projects completed. This month my intention is to take just projects I want to complete together with the just a couple of extras, as I always take too much. Now whether I actually manage to do that remains to be seen...but at least I will be trying...and I deserve points for that...LOL

Yesterday after school I popped to Jessops and bought a new lens. We wanted a prime lens, something for portraits and that would be good indoors when the light is not always ideal. After some investigation it seemed that all recommendations were pointing at a Nikon AF 50mm f/1.8. So I have played a little last night and it is a lovely little lens, and such a reasonable price too...there are not many Nikon Lenses on the market with a price tag of under £100. So now we have spent our Xmas money from David's Mum and Dad, they always give it to us early so that we can get something we want before Xmas so that we can play with it all over Xmas...just like Kids. So far the results are good, although we still have only had a little play.

I am waiting to see what emotion will be the prompt over on Her Space : My Space, this week has been really difficult capturing emotions through your lens without using faces.


Thursday, November 08, 2007

HS:MS Anxious

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is Anxious. Whether the word anxious defines that you are worried or eager, try and capture this through your lens and your imagination.

So one thing I am always anxious about is time. There never seems to be enough. I am always rushing from school to work to school, after school activities, you name it. Since I started working for myself I have to be much more aware of the time as I need to get back to school and my clients can be anywhere from a couple of miles to twenty five miles away from school.

Even at the weekend there is never time to fit in all the things that I want to do. I haven't seen my Dad and Sister since the weekend before half-term, and I hate it. I cannot get to see them until the 24th, so it will have been a whole month..usually I see them every couple of weeks but Georgia has a party to go to every Saturday until then...I think she has a better social life that I do.


Wednesday, November 07, 2007

HS:MS Confused

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space is confused. Show confused in your space.

Well those who know of Milton Keynes know that it has hundreds of roundabouts. This map show a 2 square mile area (approx) and there are 7 major roundabout. Of course there are loads of them that are not showing on this map. When I moved to Milton Keynes from Surrey 19 years ago they confused the hell out of me, I could take a a dozen different routes for the same journey. Now years later, it makes perfect sense.

ETA...Just did a Google search and found this info...

How many roundabouts are there in Milton Keynes?

Ah, depends on what you call a roundabout. If you mean a fully formed structure with its own name and grass and flowers, then 300 is a generally agreed number. But if you mean anything which affects the gyratory movement of traffic (e.g. a painted bump in the middle of the road designed to control traffic within a housing estate) then figures as high as 1000 are bandied about.


Tuesday, November 06, 2007

HS:MS Excited

Over on Her Space : My Space this week all the prompts are emotions, and todays is...


One of the most happiest of emotions. Whats exciting through your lens?

Ok so without using faces is always a challenge, as face can express so many emotions that we can all easily identify. But my picture today is showing two retreats that I am going to next year. Apart from going to some of the retreats as a day delegate, Bonanza as a volunteer and our local crops first ever retreat I have not been a full weekend guest at any of the larger this year I am going two...maybe even three (funds permitting). So my picture shows the two retreats I have booked....Scrap Fever in April and GoGoGetaway in June....and boy am I excited. Scrap Fever has the amazing Karen Russell (who's products and work I love) and also Shimelle, and GoGoGetaway has Shimelle, Jane Dean, MaryAnne Walters and also Fiona some amazing UK talent there too.

Got to go now, as I am supposed to be working...naughty me!!!


Monday, November 05, 2007


This week over on Her Space : My Space they are focusing on emotions and todays prompt is Sad. They prompt you with one word and you translate it the best you can through your lens. Try hard as you can not to use a human face to reflect that emotion. For instance - Sad. A dying plant, a messy corner, mucky windows (we all have them at one point!).

As soon as I saw the prompt I knew what I wanted to do. My picture is of a road side memorial that I pass every day on my way to drop Georgia off at school. These roadside memorials are becoming a common sight here in Milton Keynes and I am sure it is the case everywhere else.

This one is a memorial to a motor cyclist aged 36 that was killed when he was hit by a car during September. I remember the evening clearly as I was on my way back to school for a PTA meeting and the road was closed. Whenever I see these by the roadside it makes me realise how precious life is. I am sure the motor cyclist never knew that would be his final ride. His children will grow up without their Father, and a Wife without her Husband. So next time you are driving past one of these memorials, think of how it would affect your family if you never came home from your journey.

So stay safe on the roads, particularly during the colder months.

Sunday, November 04, 2007


Ok, so I mentioned Venture and the pictures we had taken a week ago today. Well here is a picture of the frame/range we chose. The pictures obviously aren't of us, becuase this came from the Venture website, but you can see what we have ordered.

The range is called Metro Strata, and come is a choice of 5 (1 12x12 & 4 7x7's) or 9 (2 12x12 & 7 7x7's) we chose the 9 option as we loved so many of the shots.

Today is show off Sunday over on HS:MS and I love this picture of Georgia and one of her best friends Hannah. It was taken over the half term when we went bowling and to see Ratatouille, this was just after 2 games of bowling and the girls were exhausted, but HAPPY!


Saturday, November 03, 2007

Can I join in...she asked!

Well Georgia watched me taking pictures of myself this morning and wanted to join in. She reguarly uses our old Fuji E550, so I let her have a go. What do you think of what she came up with. She looks a mess as the picture was taken before she had bothered to brush her hair...or even dress.

She looked much cuter when she went off to her party...all in pink, as a girl can never have too much PINK!


I've been and gone and booked....

I am going to ScrapFever in April 2008. I wasn't going to go on any other retreats in 2008 as I am already booked into GoGo Getaway in June 2008, and MKScrappers Retreat in September 2008 but as soon as I saw that Karen Russell was coming over to teach, then it was a no-brainer as they say. I love her Narratives range and basically everything she does, so cannot wait to meet her. So my deposit is paid and my place secured...yipeeeee.

HS:MS Self Portrait Saturday...

Well normally it is SPS over on HS:MS, but it seems that nothing has been posted yet...isn't that just typical on the first ever day I have actually spent time taking a flippin' picture of myself.

Oh well, here it is. I tried for ages, and this was one of my better attempts.

Not much on today, David is working 7am-7pm and I have to take Georgia to a birthday party this afternoon. If I am lucky I may get a couple of hours to myself as I think for the first time I am not going to stay and help at the party.


Friday, November 02, 2007

HS:MS Garden

Todays prompt is Garden, Is there a little corner tucked away for your escape? Do you have a favourite plant or some garden furniture that you are fond of? Share with us you favourite garden shot.

So the light is not that great outside yet, but I have braved the elements while in my PJ's and with wet hair to take this shot. It is my Yucca plant and I love how at night the solar lights come on and light it from beneath.
Today I am training a new employee on Sage Accounts at one of my clients, so I have another dash up the M1 to Weston Favell, but not before I stop off at Interlink to collect a parcel that has been there since Monday...I am sure it is my AMM Albums from Craft Superstore...such a bargain at £12.49 each.
The new Love Elsie Zoe & Noel have hit the UK, and I have just placed my order. I missed out on a couple of bits that I wanted, but will pick them up at a later date.
Off to look at everyone elses garden photos. Caz x

October ScrapaGoGo

Little late with these this month, but here is what I did with the fab October Afternoon papers that were featured in October's Kit.

The kit was crammed full of lovely stuff, I did 3 LO's a card and a CJ, and still have lots of bit left.


Thursday, November 01, 2007


So I have been tagged twice, and am only now getting a chance to do anything with them...sorry Lorraine & Bex.

Here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself: some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them).
4. Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment at their blogs

Seven Random facts:
1. I can touch my nose with the very tip of my tongue
2. I am a chocoholic
3. I am a stash you didn't already know that
4. I HATE cleaning and ironing
5. David & I were married 13 years before we had Georgia...I was too scared to have a baby, although I didn't tell him that at the time
6. I have only cooked dinner about half a dozen times this David cooks
7. I make an awesome Banoffee Pie...

I am now tagging

HS:MS Fridge

As things should start to calm down here again, I decided to play along today. So here is my fridge...I think it says everything about our life...crazy, chaotic, name just a few...

Working today, but not before I pop back to Venture to confirm and pay for our photos.


Venture & Halloween

After another hectic day, David and I went to view our pictures at Venture. Now I was totally of the mind set that we would only get the free pic, and at most upgrade to a 10x8 from a 5x7. Well it just wasn't going to happen. The first photo that came up on the wall was one of my faves, and after going through approx 40 images that they had picked, we were down to 18. Now some were in because Georgia looked cute, but to be honest she looked cute in all but one. I fell in love with one of the displays that they had, it was called Metro Strata Collection 9. In it you get 2 12x12's, and 7 7x7's. The display is proud from the wall and are attached to the wall on "mushroom cups" (photographers name for it not mine). So even though we had no plans to spend any more that £100...we ended up spending a fair bit more....but I cannot wait. We have six weeks of waiting now, and I have already given David instructions on which picture needs to me moved to put it where I want it...LOL.

So anyway after all that we dashed to Lynseys for some tea and then trick or treating. Well we had such fun. We were out from 6.30 till a few mins after 8pm. Here is one of the pics that I took of Georgia & Catherine....they were both such cute kittys.

I will post a picture on Friday of all three of the girls together (Georgia, Catherine & Melissa).