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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Today has been.....

Operation Clean Up My Craft Room... For almost a year my Office/Craft Room has become a dumping ground for anything anyone couldn't find a home much so that I was unable to craft in my stash (or as DH calls it.....Cr*p) has been slowly making it's way downstairs and never making it's way back up there. So today I decided that enough was enough and I am reclaiming my space. Now this is no easy task and it always looks so much worse before it gets better, at the moment I have just broken the back of so much worse.

Georgia is in her element though as she has inherited enough craft materials to keep her busy for the next couple of years....LOL. I am hoping that tomorrow will get things back to useable, and then I will just be sorting what I know I will use from things I might not use...the never pile is what I gave Georgia....LOL

I think I will certainly have some wooden stamps to sell, plus a Making Memories Toolkit, Cuttlebug, Quickutz Red Handle, and a Quickutz Revolution. I will need to make some money to buy me some more storage solutions....LOL, although finally I have managed to fit some cubes from Storage 4 Crafts that I was given by a lovely lady on UKScrappers that I bought some of the trollies that hold Artbins at least that saved me some cash....I can feel a trip to Ikea coming on...I need something to from hang my punches on the wall, and I know just the products (thanks to Marlene), and another chair and a new blind for the window.


MichelleO said...

Ok.. so do tell what are you going to use to hang your punches on the wall.. with my new craft room coming PUNCHES are the biggest problem for me! HELP

Unknown said...

A good sort out is so much fun! whe you see the stuff you have bough & know eww what was I thinking ( I have a large bag of peel offs will never use) and then the stuff you find and they are lik little treasures mmmm

Love Dawn xx

Unknown said...

I so know how you feel - I did mine about a month ago. Am not in a hurry to do it again mind you but it looks pretty tidy and fabby now. I found some really good wire drawer units from Argos and they were on special - think they still are. Well done Georgia on inheriting all your stash - I did the same with Ben!! Lol Lynn ♥

Lollipops said...

Can you come over then and start on my room!!! lol
Enjoy it hun, you will feel like you have a brand new room to play in.

P.S get yourself a padlock for the door!!!!

Unknown said...

Caz - just got my Craft Stamper mag and it's got these amazing storage units from - check them out!! Waiting for you to let me know about CCT babes. Lol Lynn ♥