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Monday, August 28, 2006

Bl**dy Blogger

Well Blogger is getting right on my nerves at the moment. It allows me to update, but won't let me add pictures. Maybe it is angry at me for not updating for a whole month, so now it is punishing me.

I am sorry Blogger, I will update more often....but please please let me post my pictures......

Ok so now it will let me load pictures...but not the two I wanted.....I wonder if it is because they containe the word "Bum"...LOL

Ok, the LO here was done for me by the lovely Lynsey (Lyns110craft on UKS) the picture is of David & Georgia and Lyns took it while we were at Woburn Safari Park. My contribution to the LO was the a joint effort...and I am really pleased with the whole thing.

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