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Monday, September 18, 2006

Another week flys by...

Not had a chance to do a single bit of scrapping over the weekend...I do hate a weekend with no creativity. David's Mum & Dad were visiting us on Saturday. We had a lovely day, just mooching around the house playing with Georgia, a quick walk for everyone except me as I hurt my back trying to lift my little Heffalump!

Sunday we went out for a drink with an old friend of mine. Our parents had been best friends so we spent most of our time together from the time we were born until we hit our teens. Kyla & her Hubby Neil and a couple of their friends were up in Milton Keynes for a couple of days as they had tickets to see Robbie Williams at the MK Bowl on Monday night. I hope they are enjoying themselves as I am sure the concert is almost finished...not sure as I can't hear it tonight...which is the first night that has happened...maybe the wind is blowing in the wrong direction tonight!

Today I was expecting my Scrapagogo Kit. I sat patiently at home expecting the Postie to knock on my door....and nothing. I tried calling the collection office, but they seem to have some kind of allergy that means they cannot pick up the bloody telephone! Anyway, I decided that I would take a quick drive to the collection office. I knew our regular Postie was on holiday, and they never seem to cover any of the rounds here. So I walk up to the desk and explain, and tell them that I am waiting for my "Yellow Box of Joy"...LOL out the back he goes...and a few minutes later he comes back with mine and Bex's kits. He tells me that they have a pile of parcels and he thinks we both have some more in the parcel mountain. I offered to go and sort through the boxes....he did not seem all that keen...can't think why! Anyway I have to make another trip there on Wednesday morning and he has agreed to put all our parcels into one of the sacks so that I can take them all away....Christmas is coming early...roll on Wednesday!

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