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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Burst of Creativity

Well Saturday has become my creative day. I finished a canvas that I started (painted) months ago. After playing around with the photo for a while, I finally came up with something I liked. The canvas is for my Step Niece, she loves pink, so there was really no other choice than Blonde Moments as they are the most lush pink papers in the world. Here is the finished canvas.....hope she likes it!

So I have been moving things around my new Ikea Cube system that I bought for my craft room come office, and came across the photo tree that I bought from eBay a few months ago after seeing one that Bex had done. I had also bought a metal bucket for 99p from Asda, and the photo tree was sitting in it...I realised that it really looked good in the bucket and decided that it would have to stay like that. Feeling so inspired by the hearts I cut from the Blonde Moments paper...I carried on cutting, adding some from the sheet of Suet Pudding hearts that I had left from a previous LO. I also added a reel of ribbons that I bought from Instore for £1, some free Pebbles Real Life Dymo Words that I was given by Becks Faggs in the Li'l Davis class @ Bonanza in May, and the whole thing just seemed to come together very here it is...
I am really pleased with how it turned out. I love the contrast of the pink and black...they always look so lush together.

Tomorrow we are off to my Sisters for lunch with her and the rest of the family... Haven't seen them for about a month, which is a long time for me as I usually visit them every couple of weeks. We are having Roast Lamb for of my favourites, Dad watched Saturday Kitchen this morning and saw James Martin cut slits into the skin and add garlic and he decided to give it a try...founds fab and I can't wait to try it.

Been pretty quiet here today. I love it when I get a couple of hours to play in my craft room...I am often to distracted by the Computer and UKScrappers to get anything creative actually done.

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Lynsey said...

Wow, girl, they look fab. You are definately fab at these sorts of things