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Friday, September 01, 2006

Autumn is on it's way...

Today is my little (or not so little) Sister's Birthday. I phoned her up this evening to wish her Happy Birthday and Georgia sang Happy Birthday down the phone to really was heart warming, and bought a lump to my throat.
I was traveling down to see them in the morning, but the trip has been cancelled until next weekend, when we will have a lovely family Sunday Roast all together.
Tomorrow's day has been planned. Weather permitting we are going for a walk in the park, play "Pooh Stix" on the bridge over the stream, look for conkers, and generally get some exercise and fresh air.
Georgia starts school on Wednesday part time for the first three days, and full time the week after. We are already planning what we will be doing on those afternoons, it is called "Mummy & Georgia time". While I am not at all worried about her starting school, as she is bored at Nursery and very excited about going to school. It makes me sad to think that my Baby turned Toddler has now turned into a lovely Little Girl. With every passing day she grows more independent, and her dependence on us as parents lessens. I am excited for her, but sad at the loss of my baby. She likes to tell me " I am a Big Girl Now Mummy, not a Baby"...Can someone slow down time a little for me so that I can keep her as my Baby just a little bit longer.

Sunday is the Milton Keynes Crop. I really look forward to seeing all the girls and having a good old natter, and eating Gill's delicious cakes of course. For the first time in ages I will not have to pack in a hurry, taking everything I have because I don't have time to sort it all out properly. My intention is to try to pack light. Now my light and your light are going to be very different. What I mean is my rolling tote, one small bag and my AMM Tote....So not that light really.

Oh well, almost midnight. I better get to bed before I turn back into a Pumpkin!

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Lynsey said...

Are you really walking in this rain?