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Monday, February 18, 2008

HS:MS Hole

Todays prompt over on Her Space : My Space was "hole". A hollow place in a solid body or surface. Find a hole in your space today!!!
So a lot later than I normally manage, but I just forgot to post.... This is a picture of my wearing my Crocs...and of course, Crocs have holes.
Will try harder to post earlier tomorrow...depending on how difficult tomorrows prompt is.


Shannon said...

I forgot about my Crocs having holes. Duh! Great shot!

etteY said...

great shot!!

Rach said...

Great take I love the little skull on them. x

Sue Nicholson said...

Clever take Caz :-)

And as soon as I started looking I saw holes everywhere . . . I think I became obsessed :-D

Cosy is the prompt today :-( Not so easy.

Bye for now . . . . Sue

pokettiger said...

Excellent choice for the word hole.

Jenga said...

Lovin your crocs ;)