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Thursday, February 07, 2008

HS:MS Sloth

Today's prompt over on Her Space : My Space is " Sloth". Are we having fun yet? :o) Let's get on to our fourth sin...Sloth - first called the 'sin of sadness', now described as melancholy: apathy, depression, laziness and joylessness or the failure to utilize one's talents and gifts. Show us Sloth in your space.

Ok, so this was the scene before I washed up what doesn't fit in the dishwasher. I was really naughty last night and went to bed without doing it....instead I spent the evening making cards. I made four using my new Sugar Nellies, and will post pics when I get home from collecting Miss Georgia from school this afternoon.


***ETA - Last night my other half said he was going to wash up (and I foolishly believed him!), so that I could have some time to craft....I only found this at 1am this morning when I was taking my glass to the kitchen on the way to bed.....needless to say he will be made to suffer when he gets home tonight......


Louise said...

but don't you just regret it when you come down in the morning to a stinky kitchen??? we succumb to this kind of sloth like behaviour too frequently... LOL!
great shot

Di said...

Oh that doesn't count then Caz LOL - if he said he was going to wash up and didn't, you're not the sloth, LOL Too funny. My hubby has done the same thing.. many times! Great photo by the way ;)

Marina said...

I hate it in the morning when you wake up and it is still there, but I do mine then still wake up and kids or husband have got up in night because hungry and left there dishes, you make sure you make your husband pay,hahaha :~)

pokettiger said...

Catching up with your great photos. Wonderful gluttony - that pudding looks so yummy. Great representation for greed! Today's sloth photo is perfect. I too always try to have the sink emptied of all the dirty dishes before going to bed, but sometimes it doesn't happen.

Sue Nicholson said...

Firstlt just caught up with greed. Great shot and lovin those Mingles . . . oooo mouth waters :-)

And great minds think alike . . . I confess slightly different as ALL my pots etc get in to the dishwasher whether they like it or not!!! Actually barely dirty plates make it in there too!

Spotted the McDonalds coke glass . . . . if that's what it is? Think there may be one in my shot too :-)

Great take . . . naturally . . . Sue

ps think of "envy"ing your bust :-) BUT as MIL & FIL read my posts have to be careful ;-)

Zoe said...

Great shot - it's too easy to do leave them there but yuk the following day! x

Eleanor said...

The things men promise (when they're after something usually).
I like the Lola stamp you showed earlier, the other ones (T and M)haven't appealed but she is rather sweet. Haven't mastered the crayoning/painting yet, wish I had more time.

Shannon said...

That is what our house looks like daily. Our dishwasher is our 15 yr old son. No, real one here. So, you were a dish sloth for a nite but you made some really great cards!

Diana said...

Great shot! I hate to get up in the morning to a sink full of dirty dishes.