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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Photos & Layouts from ScrapFever

I was lucky and managed to get a photo with Karen Russell. She was sop amazing a friendly. I got an even nicer picture of her on her own. Thanks to Julie (Hollysmum on UKS for taking this piccie for me).

The first layout was one from Shimelle's "Love it Again" class. I was scared of the papers at first....but once I found the right pictures it became easier. Shimelle was teaching us about building a layout from the middle outwards, so that any "white space" is at the edge of the LO...not in the middle. She compared it to a newspaper/magazine, and explained that they never have gaps in the middle, only on the edges. I thought that was an excellent explanation, and must remember it. Anyway, the papers are a mixture that I am not sure I can remember, I know one is the new Crate Paper, another is Sassafraslass...I cannot remember the rest...

The second layout is from Karen Russell's Interactive Layouts Part Two. The mini book on the front contains 10 photos from our day at Willen Lake on Mothers Day, and can be accessed without removing the layout from the page protector.

I love the was Karen scraps with a minimum amount of products...she really only uses paper, cardstock stickers, brads, buttons, ribbon, lace, acetate and stamps. Plus regular stationery items like envelopes, slide protectors and other stuff found in is very liberating.

I have been making some more cards last night, but ran out of time this morning to take I will do that when I get home this afternoon.


Marmadaisy said...

Hi, I'd love to put your "click and run" LO on my other blog -, would you mind if I used your pic and featured it? Anna

Kathy said...

What beautiful layouts!! I love your papers and colors!! Gorgeous!