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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

3 days and counting...

Well it is getting closer, only 3 more days and I am off. I am sat here processing pictures to load to Costco for printing. Why oh why do I always leave this until the last minute, will I never learn.
Anyway, I sat and finished this last night in between sorting myself out. I love these stamps, and then this morning I received a lovely package from Marlene containing more lovely stamped images, obviously different to the ones that I have. So keep a look out for some different Hanglar & StAnglar stamps.
I also received my little order from Funky kits containing a couple of Magnolia's and the restocked SK8r Boy Sugar Nellie, plus a BG Two Scoops 6x6 pad. It seems like it was stamp bonanza today as my order from Magnolia in Sweden arrived, so I have some new Tilda's to play with. I ordered a couple of the new ones that I wished I had ordered the first time, and also some of the accessories...hearts, frame, tag, bench, fence, gate, heart get the idea. Now I am just waiting for the Magnolia Stamp Club images.....I do so hope that they are not ones that I already have....keeping my fingers crossed.
I am off to church this morning, as Georgia's school is having a late Easter type service, and for the first time Georgia will be standing up and reading something. Now this might not be a big deal for anyone else's children, but Georgia is painfully shy about this sort of thing and it is a huge breakthrough. So I am armed with my video camera, so that David can watch it tonight.


angeljakki said...

very cute, love the colours

Monica said...

Lovely card hun, hope georgia manages her peech allright, I m keeping my fingers crossed for her, let us know how she did. M xx