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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Halfway to the weekend!

Well, it's Wednesday so only a couple of days until the weekend. I had a fab day scrapping with Bex on Bank Holiday Monday. I managed to get another LO done and also a CJ that I needed to get posted this week.

Here is the LO I finished over the weekend, it was started at Bonanza in the cropping room...and has sat unfinished since.
The picture is of my nephew Sean and was taken this month at his 2nd Birthday. He really is a cute little boy, with such personality. He kept making us sing "Happy Birthday" to him...I think we sang it at least three times.
Georgia has insisted that we watch Wallace & Gromit "Curse of the WereRabbit"...AGAIN. While we were in the kitchen, I spotted her dancing to the scene were Gromit is pulling the strings of the "lady" rabbit to the tune of the striptease...It was so cute hand behind head, other hand on hip and full bottom wiggling going on.......she suddenly caught us watching and became very shy....will have to try for pics another time.

Managed to get a cute picture of one of our kitten called Sweep, she is such a gorgeous little minx...and it seems she like Scrapping!!!! Check it out for yourself... She has the sweetest personality. Her Brother Sooty is not anywhere near as brave as she is, but he purrs like a tractor as soon as I start to stroke him. They follow me around...they are really Mummy's Kittens....but don't tell Georgia.

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