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Sunday, May 28, 2006

I seem to have acquired Bex's Creativity

OK, so Bex has lost her creativity....and I think I may have stolen it.....mwhahahaha

Can't believe I have done 2 new LO's and finished off two that had been sitting around for the last couple of weeks.

So here it is, a picture taken at Xscape Milton Keynes on Saturday 20th May of my daughter Georgia and my neice and nephew, Hannah & James. The girls both had birthdays during the week, and wanted us all to go bowling together, so they made the trip up from Weybridge for the day. The picture was taken with them standing on a bench that is outside, it is metal and wavy and has a metal wavy background. I love the way you can see their feet in the reflection, and if you look closely there is my reflection taking the picture too. I even used an old denim skirt that had belonged to both girls that they had both grown out of...a new form of recycling. Now I seriously doubt anything more will be done this evening, although Bex is supposed to be coming over to scrap tomorrow.

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Pam said...

Hey, great blog, you have got it up and running so quickly. You can go into the community chat forum on UKS and get your blog listed there if you want.