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Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Best Made Plans

Well yesterday was a disaster. I had a busy day planned, I had wanted to finish the set of accounts I needed to do for one of my clients. The day started out promising until I got a phone call from Georgias' nursery...they were having to close due to a burst water main. So just after lunch I had to go and collect her. I was only out for about 1 hour, and I returned to a disaster zone...our two 13 week old kittens had diarreah and had made a mess all over the house. I spent all afternoon trying to keep Georgia out of the way while I was trying to clean it all up. I put them into the downstairs cloakroom and fed them chicken and rice and things seem to be ok now...fingers crossed.

Ok so I promised to add pictures of the LO's I did at the MK Crop on Sunday, so here they are. The first one is "Spring on the Farm" the pictures were taken over Easter Weekend when went to a local farm to see the Lambs. The one pictured was being hard reared as it's Mum had rejected it and the could not get another Sheep to adopt it. We used felt to make the embellishments, flowers in my LO. which was something that I had never done before but they looks so effective.

The second LO I did "Field of Dreams" was using a picture that David tookof Georgia sitting in the long grass in Linear Park near our home. I used a MM Kit that was given to me by Caroline (IrishCaroline on UKScrappers) and it was a perfect match to the colours of the picture. You would think the picture was taken with the kit in mind. David did see the kit when I came back from Bonanza, but like all men he would have forgotten in the blink of an eye...LOL
The only thing I added to the kit were the title letters, they are KI Memories Alphabet Soup and the colour was "fat free" but I added L'il Davis Marshmellow paint to the back of the letters to make them stand out...the paint actually looks like clouds on the backs of the letters. I also painted the metal charms to make them stand out more.

Ok back to the daily grind, fingers crossed the water main has been repaired when we take Georgia to nursery as I have work that I desperately need to get on with today.

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