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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Those Darn Kittens!

Well after my day creating stuff with my Delivered2You kit, I came down this morning to find that the kittens had decided that it made a cute play thing....and it had claw and teeth marks all I had to dismantle and start again.

Has been hot again here, thank godness for the paddling pool. It is supposed to stay Hot, Hot, Hot! for the next few days, so it is being left up with the water in...and will then be used to water the garden.

I have been cat sitting for Bex since Thursday, and she is due home this evening. Pickles and Tabitha have been good.....Pickles will even purr when she sees me now.....but I think it is just because she wants to be fed....and not real love...LOL

1 comment:

Paula Sealey said...

I LOVE your blog title! Oh no to the ruined layout, I hope it was salvagable!