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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Bit Late...thanks to Blogger....

Tuesday's Blogging Prompt on UKScrappers... I would have posted last night....but bl**dy Blogger wouldn't let me here goes...

"There ought to be a law": What are your pet peeves? We’ll call this ‘Grumpy old scrapbookers’! List your five top pet peeves about anything (scrapbooking, kids, partners, pets, or just life). If you've seen 'Grumpy Old Men' or 'Grumpy Old Women', you'll know what this means, but you don't have to be old...just grumpy.

1. "Middle Laners" on the Motorway. Why do they insist on sitting there when the road is completely empty. Is it too much of an effort for them to move over. It means I have to get into the far lane to overtake, and it seems so stupid.

2. Another diving one...Lorries who want to overtake other lorries that are in the inside lane doing less than 60. They overtake when they are only going a couple of miles per hour faster, and it takes them ages to get by. Meanwhile the traffic is backing up behind them, and the roads ahead are deserted.

3. Recycling - In Milton Keynes we are lucky enough to have a weekly collection. We can recycle all plastic, paper, metal and glass.....but still most of my neighbours (including my mate Bex) refuse to bother. How hard can it be to put a few bits into the pink bags and keep the glass in the box they give you. I mean we all live on this planet, and it is our responsibility to do what we can to save it. My moto is Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

4. LOST!. I have never watched it, don't get it, don't see the point in trying to watch why does my Husband keep making me watch it...I HATE LOST!

5. People who smoke in their car, and then toss the butts out of the window. I have no objection to smokers, but their cars have ashtrays in them.....why will they not use them, and then empty them at home. It seems that they don't want to get their car ashtray dirty, but are quite willing to make our cities, towns & villages dirty.

OK, like many...when pushed I can become a "Grumpy Old Woman".


Lynsey said...

Agree with all except lost one.

sue said...


Have you got the Jack Johnson Curious George CD have spent many insomniac hours at 3 in the morning listening to Reduce, reuse, recycle! LOL