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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wednesday's Blog Prompt...

On UKScrappers today the prompt was...

You're having a small intimate dinner party with lots of good food, perhaps a glass or two of wine, and LOTS of sparkling conversation. Each of your five guests must be a real person but can be historical or currently alive. Who will you invite and why? What do you really want to talk about?

I would invite five people as follows...

1. My Mum - she sadly died quite suddenly of Pancreatic Cancer in May 2003 only 3 weeks and 1 day after being diagnosed. Not a single day goes by when I don't think of her and miss her dearly. She was my best friend in the whole world. We didn't always agree, in fact we were very alike and often argued, but I always knew how much she loved me.

2. My Dad - Mum was his soul mate and the love of his life, so it goes without saying that he would have to be there.

3. My Little Sister - goes without saying...

4. Brother in Law - as above

5. My Husband - as above.

I know this is not the most exciting group of people, but there is nobody that I want to have more around my dinner table than my family. We are close, so to lose such an important part of our lives was and has been devastating. We would talk about everything and nothing in particular, just to talk about everyday life and to hear my Mum again would be more than enough. One of the things I miss is just hearing my Mum's voice and her laughter.

If I was allowed more people it would be my daughter Georgia who can't remember my Mum as she was not even a year old when she died. She can recognise her picture and knows how much her Nanny loved her, but that is the extent of her memories. My niece and nephews were a little older and can remember....but I am sure they would love to just sit around the kitchen table having one of our Sunday Roasts lovingly prepared my my Dad...the family Chef.

OK, I am sat here with tears streaming down my face just wishing that this was something that I could really arrange. Thanks for the prompt Jane.

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