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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

HSMS : Cake & Print

Well got a bit behind and didn't manage the prompt yesterday. So this morning due to a change of plans I am working from home. Ok, so I don't really bake cakes and there are not cakes in the house...all I have is this packet, but trust me they are totally lush when made...yum I may have to make them this afternoon/evening.

Todays prompt is Print and I have a few printers to choose from..well 3 actually, but one is under the desk in the kitchen (DD's printer) and I cannot be bothered to grovel to take a here are my work printer and photo printer...

I went to the MFA (Merebrook Friends Association - similar to PTA) AGM last night and have agreed to be a general member and help raise funds for the school to pay for those little extras that the school needs. The MFA subsidise the annual Panto trip, school trips during the year, extra books for the library, equipment for the new outside areas for Year one & two. They do fantastic work, and although I don't have a huge amount of time, I will help where I can. I volunteered to help sell the secondhand uniform outside the school at the end of each term/half term. Although I did warn them that I am not the person to commit to being at the school for we have trouble getting there at 8.45am LOL.

We are now just three sleeps away from the MKScrappers Weekend Retreat. We are off to Thames for 2.5 days of uninterupted Scrappin'...what could be better. My stash is mostly packed, and childcare is all arranged....roll on Friday.



Diana said...

Great catch up!

Bobs said...

Anything with Cadbury's chocolate is heavenly!
I wish I had three printers! lol

Mary said...

Nice printers there Caz! ;)

Sue Nicholson said...

Oh that looks divine :) Must pop it on my shopping list :)

Prompt Print is so hard isn't it? Great shot of your printer though. Looks like an all singing all dancing one to me :)

LOL at the 8.30 !!! Second hand Uniform is brilliant and a great way to raise cash.

Envious of your weekend. Have a smashing time :)

Hell that word verification is complicated today!!!

Hazel said...

Good photos

Jolanda said...

Great catch up and another one with lots of buttons on the printer.

Louise said...

great catch up... and how YUM does that cake look!!!

Love your header too:)

etteY said...

great catch up! yummy cake! and i looove your new laptop :D

Pam said...

great catching up. Cadbury chocolate is fabulous.