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Monday, September 03, 2007

Karen Russell "Snapshots of a Good Life" Kit

I ordered one last month, and finally got to use it at this months MKScrappers Sunday Crop. If you haven't checked out Karen's work, then you really should, it is beautiful and inspirational.I packed a ton of my Karen Russell products, which is a considerable pile of stash...even if I did forget a few bits. So now I can show pics of the completed project. The kit was so clever and innovative. I mean who would have thought about taking a CI Bare Elements picture frame and splitting the back from the front to make a book. Well Karen did, and here is my version. I filled it with pictures of Georgia and I our recent trip to Aldeburgh. I had so many pictures taken on that day that I needed a fun way to display them. Georgia told me in July that Daddy was fun, but Mummy wasn't, so this book will remind her how much fun Mummy really is.

Just one more day and they are back to school....not long now. I must remember to have my camera ready on Wednesday morning to get some going into Year 1 pictures.
Have fun.


Pam said...

I took the class from her when she was at our lss. this was a very clever project. Like what you did with it.

Karen Russell said...

This looks so fabulous (love the you put your own spin on it)!