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Saturday, September 08, 2007


Well, I have a full house here this evening. My Dad along with 3 of my Sisters 4 kids are here for the weekend. My Sister and Brother in Law are taking my Sisters eldest son, Alex (16) off to Harrogate tomorrow, were he is going to the Officers Training College, were he will start training. He spends about 9 months there, where he will be studying and then off to Catterick to complete is basic training. So to make life easier for them in the morning, I suggested that the rest come to stay with me, so that they can get away early in the morning. They need to be there by lunchtime and it is approx 5-6 hours drive.

We broke open the Wii this evening, as we needed to make sure that it worked. Obviously as it is a family Christmas present, we will be putting it away until 25th December...yeah right...LOL. Boy do you get a bit warm, not quite breaking a sweat, but definately "glowing". We had a go at Bowling, which is pretty easy. We then progressed to Baseball, now the pitching is easy, but the batting is much more of a challenge. Finally we had a go at the Tennis, again much easier, but I don't know how to make my teamie do anything...he just stands there..LOL. I am glad we got it as it was really fun, something we can all do, in fact Georgia is pretty good at the bowling having got a "Turkey" in the Bowling (three strikes in a row, for those that don't know). Hannah (6)managed the highest score in the Bowling, getting 197, but Georgia got the most strikes in any game, both the youngest got the best certainly evens things out.

Tomorrow we are off for a day of real Bowling up at the MK Xscape building, followed by lunch. That is if the kids will go to bed. It is 10pm, and Hannah and Georgia are still not asleep. James has just gone up, and I am sure Michael will follow eventually. I bet Hannah & Georgia will not beat everyone in a real game.

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