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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Oh Happy Day....

I just found out today that I am getting a Bind-It All Machine...and better still I won it. Cannot wait, I have been thinking about getting since they started to arrive in the UK, and was just about to order one...and now I don't have too. I am already making some plans on what sort of mini books I could make. Although I will have to wait to receive it...thanks to Royal Mail. I haven't had any parcels for over a week, and I am still waiting for my September Jenni Bowlin kit to arrive.....if it hasn't arrived by the 9th then I can get a I expect I will be getting one, as I cannot see it arriving before then.

This evening while we were sitting watching TV, Sweep the female cat was making a racket in the hallway. I looked out into the dark hall and saw that there was something on the floor so sent Georgia and David to investigate. When they got closer they discovered that Sweep had bought a frog indoors. We have one that lives in Georgia's playhouse at the end of the garden. The poor frog looked little traumatized. I did manage to get a very quick photo before David took him back to the garden, so will add it tomorrow.

We have another busy weekend planned. Tomorrow evening I am off to a Pampered Chef Party, Saturday is Quiz Night at the school, and on Sunday is the MKScrappers Monthly Crop. My favourite time of the month is crop weekend.....cannot wait, and this month I really am going to try to pack a little lighter...honest.

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