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Monday, October 08, 2007

Were Going on a Bear Hunt....

We have been doing this story/song with Georgia all weekend as part of her school homework...

Were going on a bear hunt
Were going to catch a big one
What a beautiful day
I'm not scared

How many of you have done this with your children. She sounds so cute singing it, and makes up some actions while singing it. She has a little picture prompt sheet so that she is reminded what comes next...she has even been making up some of her own.

This morning had a little surprise as the Postman had delivered a Doodling Book which is part of a course I signed up on "Big Picture Scrapbooking". So now I can finally get started...just need to catch up. My new pen is stuck in the mail, so will just have to find something else to use for the time being. The book looks great and shows some simple steps to get you doodling

Anyway we had a fun if somewhat filled weekend. Friday I went to a Pampered Chef Party and I spent £50. Then Saturday we went to Quiz Night at the school and had a fab time, and our team even WON! Sunday was the monthly MKScrappers Crop, had a fab time, only did a DLO and a Mini Book, but enjoyed the company and banter of the other ladies and Hannah's Cloud Cake was to die for.....shame it was all gone by lunchtime.....Hannah make sure you make a bigger one next month.

Anyway, I need to get ready for work and get Georgia to school, so will be back with pictures this afternoon.


Charli said...

Where have I heard that song before - i cant think! Itll be in my head all day now! Rather like 'the lady's bras' song lol

And lucky you Caz getting post - ours are all on strike, nothing til Thursday for us :(

Pop back later to see your pics x

Eleanor said...

I used that story/poem for my bedtime story CJ which is doing the rounds, it's an alltime favourite of mine. There's also a lion hunt one you know - in the African savanna. I just love children's books. Can't wait to have grandchildren.

Storm said...

Awww I'd forgotten about that song. LOL at charli, my 5 year old loves a ladies bras!

Anyway Caz I have tagged you :-/ If you fancy joining in it's at