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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bad Blogger..

Sorry for being such a bad blogger, but I promise to try harder.

Last week was hectic but fun. Over half term Georgia went to Gymnastics for a couple of hours Tues-Thurs, which gave me a couple of hours of peace and quiet. Then on Friday David had the day off and we took Georgia plus her friend Hannah, and Hannah's sister Sophie out for the day. First we went bowling for a couple of hours, then onto McDonalds for lunch, followed by a trip to the cinema to see Ratatouille. We all had a wonderful day, and their Mum says they talked about the day all weekend.

Over the weekend we did had a photo shoot at Venture. I vowed never doing one again after spending too much money the last time we went and feeling pressured to spend more. But I entered a competition at the end of the summer and won a free session plus a free 5x7. So off we went on Sunday morning for our 10am shoot, 1 hour later we left tired and happy from running around like nutters. We are going to see the photos tonight at 5pm...fingers crossed there is at least one nice one to choose from. We have decided to put the money from the free 5x7 and upgrade to a 10x8, but are not going to buy anything else. We are however going to spend some time at home getting a lovely shot of all of us, so that we can include it in a Christmas pressie for David's parents.

So this week has been the start of a week of chaos. I feel like I am rushing around all the time. Monday was spent with a client getting a VAT return done, and then rushing from school to shops etc etc. Tuesday was Georgia to school, drop ironing off to be done, drive 25 miles up to Weston Favell to collect paperwork from Client for VAT return, drive back down to MK and to a clients, work until 3.45pm, collect Georgia from her after school French club, home and change for Gymnastics at 4.45pm, and then once we were home at 6pm from all that, I had dinner and went to a PTA meeting at the school at 7.30pm and finally got home at 10.25pm....and who says I work part-time!!!!!

So today is not going to be any easier as I have dropped Georgia at school, and then made a quick dash to Hobbycraft to get things for the school fayre, then off to a client to do another VAT return. After school I have to collect my ironing and then get Georgia home and ready for Trick or Treating, take her to a friends, go to Venture and then back to our friends house to go Trick of Treating with the girls...I am going to rest on Thursday I need to finish another 2 VAT returns...
God I need a holiday!

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