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Monday, October 03, 2011

Baby Shower Gift...

Last month I went to my first ever Baby Shower....I know, how come at my age this was my first. All I can say in my defence is that Baby Showers are very American and are only just catching on over here in the UK.

So I wanted to try making a Diaper (Nappy) Cake using disposables. I had these good intentions to be all prepared, and in my usual fashion ended up rushing down to the local Boots to buy all that I needed just a couple of hours before the Shower. 

I bought 2 packs of nappies in different sizes (both Organic), some muslin cloths, a cute "Onsie", a pack of bibs and a set of Ducks...the Mumma Duck has the others sitting on her and of course a cake board to build it on. I was lucky to have some cellophane left over from last Christmas when I made decorated candles for the Christmas Bazaar at my DD's school.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprise that I managed to make it...without looking up the instructions online.....I just went with what I thought. I was pretty pleased, and from all the Wow's that came from the Baby Shower, I think other guests thought it was pretty cool too....I think it was the most original way to package a gift. I would however change a couple of things....but only very minor....I forgot to add a tag (duh!)

Not sure when I will get to make another one, as I don't know anyone who is pregnant at the moment....but who knows right!

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Rebecca said...

The nappy cake is stunning, I am sure it was a huge success and I am certain you will definately be making more as time goes on. Word of mouth is a powerful tool. :-) Bex xx