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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Snow Fun Sunday

So no crafty project for me today as I have been having to get up early all this week and have been going to bed when I normally have time to craft...LOL

I just wanted to share a little montage of pics I took in the snow on Sunday.....and yes I am actually in TWO of the pics (but I kept them small...LOL).

What the montage doesn't show is David going into a tree...TWICE and also getting hit in the leg by a wooden sledge, and me getting knocked onto my butt by two small girls on a sledge.....both David and I are sporting some nice bruises...his worse than mine.

Will be back tomorrow with something crafty!!!!

1 comment:

saturated canary said...

looks super fun! we got a tiny dusting today...and the kids went out to play...only to come in muddy:). your snow day looks way better!:)