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Thursday, April 26, 2007


Don't you hate it when technology goes on the blink just the day before you are due to take part in a CyberCrop Weekend on one of your favourite scrapping forums (UKScrappers in this case). The past few weeks since I got my new PC, I have been having problems with my incredibly slow broadband speeds. We were so shocked at the PC is pretty powerful...certainly powerful enough to download a few web pages. Anyway today it was slower than dial up, considering I have an 8Mb connection, that is pretty worrying. So I phone up BT Broadband and get through to a call centre in don't get me started on that issue. Anyway they checked the line and basically tried to persuade me to upgrade to a 16Mb download speed. Now I am always interested in upgrading if there is no extra cost, and if i can notice the difference but I decided to hang fire. Anyway I decided to go and get myself a new Router instead. We got a new all singing/dancing Belkin SuperFast Modem/Router that uses the new standards...previously they were 802.11g or b...and they are now n....anyway it cost us £140, but it works like a dream, even our wireless connections around the house whizz although it cost us a pretty penny, I am a happy surfer tonight.

So lets see if I can upload another picture on Blogger tonight. This is a picture I took last weekend. From top left Jody 12, James 8, Hannah 5, Georgia 4. They looks so cute all squished up together. Here is another this is Hannah my niece, she is such a character....she is so confident and boy is she loud...she has absolutely NO volume control...LOL

And finally here is one of Georgia taken while she tries to learn the fine art of skipping.

Ok enough for now, better get to bed as I am sure this weekend will be made up of very little sleep. Nite Caz x

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