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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Well after a lovely relaxing weekend, the week started off in it's usual hectic manner. I have 15 regular clients for whom I do bookkeeping, and 6 of them have VAT returns that need doing this month, 6 next month and only 3 the month after. So I am now 2 done, and 4 to go....another will be finished tomorrow, and the final 2 on Friday. Anyway enough of the boring stuff. Here is a picture that I took over the weekend. This is my Sisters Step Daughter, Jody aged 12. She is a stunning young lady and Georgia loves to spend time with her. We don't see her as often as we would like as it depends on if she is with her Dad for the weekend.

Tomorrow I have to go to Gambado's to book Georgia's birthday party. She has made a list and at the moment there are 21 names on it including hers.So we are hoping we can book for either May 18th (Friday) or 19th (Saturday). I hope they can do the party on the Friday that way we can go and visit my niece Hannah who will be 6 on the 18th over the weekend.

Anyway this week is the lead up to the UKScrappers Cyber Crop, and I still have soooo much to do. I have received my Eat Me! Drink Me! was full of lush galaxy and thorntons alpini bars......yum yum. I have also received my "Royal Flush" ATC's...which look FAB. I need to finish my project with my Mystery Kit, and also make a planner. I am going to try to get onto that tomorrow night.
Anyway, enough for now....bedtime soon.

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