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Sunday, April 08, 2007

What a Weekend...

Well what a disaster of a long weekend we are having. Things were looking so good on Friday, after a fab lunch we went for a lovely walk in the park and took pictures. That night Georgia went to bed saying she had tummy ache. Well I heard her moaning at about 10pm and went into her room to find her bed and the floor covered in sick. Poor little mite as Gastic Flu. Yesterday I had to call the Doctors as she was vomitting bright green bile and unable to hold down water. Well after a trip there today she is starting to feel better, unfortunately now it is David's turn and he has come down with it. So I have left the two sickies downstairs laying on opposite sofas and I am hidden in my Craft Room trying to stay away from their icky germs.

I am just finishing some picture and will come back tonight with something for you all to look at.

1 comment:

Nat xxx said...

Awwwno! They have my total sympathy as I had this a couple of weeks ago :( Big hugs to them - hope they get well soon xxx