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Sunday, April 15, 2007

My Day with Lance "Mr Pickle" Anderson...and the GoGo Girlies

Wow, I had such a fantastic day yesterday. It was wonderful to see Lorraine, Janice, Zoe & Kirsty again, and also to meet my fellow GoGo create DT members, Jennie, Eileen and Ifa. I managed the 105 mile journey is 2 hours 5 minutes and arrive ahead of schedule @ 8.50am in Kesgrave. The hall was fantastic, light bright and spacious. I was greeted with a warm hug from Lorraine, and also one from Janice & Ifa. "Mr Pickle" arrived at about 9.35am, and came with armfuls of wonderful kits. There was some initial confusion as the kits we thought we were doing were not the ones that he had with him. It appears that an email from Rusty Pickle to Lorraine had been lost in cyberspace. So instead of Princess Bride & Guinevere, we had the choice of Girlfriend & Pirate. Well it was obvious that I would have to opt for Girlfriend, as I already own some of the products in the range and totally love them. It was great taking another class with Lance, and when I was choosing my kit, I mentioned that I had travelled 105 miles to take this class after I was disappointed that "Imagine" had been cancelled...I also handed over a nice big bar of Galazy chocolate as I know he has a love of English chocolate...this was greeted with a large bear hug...most men are so easy to please. Well the class was packed with people, and techniques and was pretty fast paced, thankfully Discover Bonanza 2006 had prepared me for this. The book was amazing, and as soon as I have put some pictures in this afternoon I will take some pictures and post them on here. I do however have a couple of pictures...the first is on "Mr Pickle" signing my one of his books that I purchased and also my class book. This next picture is of the GoGo Girlies with "Mr Pickle"...from left to right....Zoe, Janice, "Mr Pickle", Lorraine & Kirsty. Ok, I have to get cracking, Georgia is off to a Birthday Party @ lunchtime, and I still need to make a birthday card. Will be back later with more pictures etc.

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lorraineA said...

It was a fab day and great to catch up again!
Thank you for being offical photographer.