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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Venture & Halloween

After another hectic day, David and I went to view our pictures at Venture. Now I was totally of the mind set that we would only get the free pic, and at most upgrade to a 10x8 from a 5x7. Well it just wasn't going to happen. The first photo that came up on the wall was one of my faves, and after going through approx 40 images that they had picked, we were down to 18. Now some were in because Georgia looked cute, but to be honest she looked cute in all but one. I fell in love with one of the displays that they had, it was called Metro Strata Collection 9. In it you get 2 12x12's, and 7 7x7's. The display is proud from the wall and are attached to the wall on "mushroom cups" (photographers name for it not mine). So even though we had no plans to spend any more that £100...we ended up spending a fair bit more....but I cannot wait. We have six weeks of waiting now, and I have already given David instructions on which picture needs to me moved to put it where I want it...LOL.

So anyway after all that we dashed to Lynseys for some tea and then trick or treating. Well we had such fun. We were out from 6.30 till a few mins after 8pm. Here is one of the pics that I took of Georgia & Catherine....they were both such cute kittys.

I will post a picture on Friday of all three of the girls together (Georgia, Catherine & Melissa).

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