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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Arrggghhhh Dentists

Today I have an appointment with the Dentist. I think/am pretty convinced, that I have an abscess.....I haven't been to the dentist in **cough cough** years....In fairness I have had no pain or problems...until now that is. As a teenager I had to have 4 or 6 teeth removed, and see an orthodentist....and since then I have a natural fear of ALL dentists. I had to bite the bullet yesterday and book an at 9.45 I can almost guarantee I will be scared and in pain. One of my bestest buds (thanks Lyns) is coming with me to hold my hand....

Hopefully once I have sorted this out, I will be able to spend some time crafting today. Georgia is off school sick, but my mind is racing so I have not been able to concentrate on crafting...well better go get myself dressed and away....Back laters.


Kim said...

Oooh cripes Caz, hope you got on ok. I hate dentists too and only go when I have to! Hope Georgia is feeling better too.

Jackie said...


Hope everything went well. I also have a dreadful fear of the dentist and haven't been for a couple of years. I managed to get enough confidence to go for regular check ups for about 3 years then one day the stupid dentist said next time she was going to scale and polish my teeth and I haven't been since.