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Sunday, March 07, 2010

SJ's Flower Tutorial...

Since seeing SJ's Flower Tutorial...HERE, I just had to dash over to eBay and buy some calico so that I could have a go. Since the calico arrived I have been too busy to have a try....finally today I got some free time, and boy are they addictive....even Georgia has joined in...hers are the three on the right hand side of the screen. I did help a little with cutting the circle and calico, and helped with the gathering of the fabric in the very centre of the circle as her little fingers couldn't quite manage it...but she managed 85% of it on her own. Since this picture was taken she has made more....and bow she has 5 and I have 7..... Georgia has decided that she wants to decorate one of her notebooks with the largest of her flowers.

Go order yourself some calico and have a won't be disappointed...they really do look as good as the large Prima flowers that you can a fraction of the cost.


scrappyfairy said...

Totally beautiful! I love your beads in the centre! Soooo cool to have the multi colours!

Andrea said...

Fabulous flowers - and thanks for the link to the tutorial - I'd missed this on SJ's blog!
Your daughter is definitely following after you - very talented!
Love, Andrea xx