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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

HS:MS Chilly & Christmas

I am playing catch up today so here are is yesterdays prompt "Chilly" and todays prompt "Christmas". Chilly is a bit of a cheat as the photo was taken in January...but I couldn't resist.

Now my Christmas tree is partially up, but we need to add some of the baubles as we ran out of time last night and Georgia wanted to help so I said I would leave it until she got home from school.

I am working my through my "To Do" list, and I am determind that everything for the School Bazaar will be finished by the end of the day. I am about to work on the snowflake decorations and then I need to finish cutting the keyring shapes. I had also forgotten that I had to print labels to go on the keyring parcels once they are wrapped, and I have them done on the computer, but the darn printer didn't feed properly and printed them in the wrong place, so those donated labels will have cost me a packet as I now have to go to Staples and buy another pack of avery address labels as I have used up the ones my Mum got for me 5 or so years ago.

Anyway, back to the grindstone.


Bambi said...

what a tall skinny santa (^_^)

Jolanda said...

That really looks chilly. Great tree!

Shannon said...

I am loving both shots!! Is your mom Diana? How is she? Hope all is well on your side of the globe!

maz said...

Caz- sounds like you're busy! We've also got the school fair coming up- parcel tags being stamped and decorated in a production line! Like your pics today- oh and monday's cosy which I missed- gorgeously cosy!
maz x

Chris said...

oooh I am loving the photos from this weeks prompts... Like a kid in a candy store I am :D
Wonderful chilly photo Caz and I adore your tree pic :D