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Sunday, December 16, 2007


Bit late with my HS:MS SPS this week as I had a house full of visitors yesterday...and they expected to be entertained. So as I received a special request from SPS is of me in Georgia's pink wig....well she did ask, she may well regret it once she sees it...LOL. OK so definately not as cute as Georgia...but that was expected. Georgia did wear it to the fancy dress birthday party, and when she got there none of her friends recognised her...until a mean boy (one of the naughty ones from school...her words not mine) pulled it off, and she couldn't get it back on again.

So my SOS's for today were taken yesterday in The Centre MK at the Christmas display and on the Carousel. This years theme was Toad of Toad Hall. I took pictures of all the displays and I am rather pleased with the pics...taken without using the auto feature...had to crank up the ISO as the light is poor because they had darn curtains up at all the windows. So here they are, the first is of Georgia on the Carousel. I am so pleased that I got this shot, what with it going round and round and all the lights and the poor light. This next one is of the boating lodge that was part of the wishing pool where people can throw money in, and it is given to a different charity each year, this year I believe it is going to Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital.

This final picture is of the Nativity scene, it was lovely, and surprise surprise most people didn't even bother to look at it...

Anyway, I have loads to do...including writing Christmas cards, writing up a class PDF, designing with my ScrapaGoGo january Kit ( and it's totally lush and I can't wait) and helping Georgia with her homework, which is to design her dream bedroom using a shoe box......


Louise Woolford. said...

loving that pink wig lol, some great shots there especially the carousel, I so miss the christmas displays at MK centre ( Im originally from Aylesbury and we used to go every christmas as a treat) I remember years ago when they had the pink flamingos.

Jen said...

hehe, fun wig! :D
love the christmas pics

maz said...

Hey Caz I knew you'd look great in that wig! And I love your expression. Will you be wearing it down to Tescos?
Your photos of the Christmas display are really good- it's so hard in those conditions isn't it.

Jenga said...

LMAO at that SPS!!!! cool :D

Sue Nicholson said...

WoW!!! Looking good Caz :-) Great sp I bet Georgia thinks you looked great.

Ah! the introduction to mean boys . . . here starts some of the hardest lessons in life :-(

Great SOS. The nativity is super . . . I soo understand your comment.

Bye for now . . . Sue :-)