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Monday, December 10, 2007

I'm back....

Wow, had a fabulous if somewhat busy weekend. The School Xmas Bazaar was a resounding success, and looks set to become a regular event. We finally got on the road at 6pm on Friday, and arrived at approx 8.15 tired but happy. I got to meet up at the hotel with Sandiee and Kazzii for a chat and a cuppa, and also for brekkie on Saturday morning, which was fab.

On Saturday we started our day long class with Shimelle, and it was fantastic. I also finally got to have one of her lush cupcakes....Gingerbread Latte....and it was delish, I made it last from 11am till about 5pm....I even took a piccie...and here it is...

Finally for tonight, here is a picture Lorraine took for me, of Shimelle and I. A little grainy as we had to crank the ISO up...but not bad... (thanks Lorraine).

Shimelle was exactly how I imagined she would be, warm, friendly and very enthusiastic about scrapping.

We finally made it home at approx 5pm, after spending a couple of hours in Aldeburgh on the beach...well technically we didn't stay on the beach long as no sooner than we walked 100 yards, the heavens opened and we were soaked....we had to take cover in a telephone box. After enduring it for an hour we walked back to the car and drove through the town to the best Fish & Chips I have ever me they were amazing.....

Tomorrow is Georgia's School Play, and I managed to process and upload the photos that I took on Friday to Costco and got David to collect them on his way home this evening. The idea is that the parents can buy a photo for a £1 and the PTA makes a little money to spend on things for the school. Anyway the video camera is charged and I am ready for tomorrow.

So till then, goodnight.


Lynsey said...

MMMMMMMMMMMM that does look nice.

Jenga said...

Yummy looking cake! Can't wait to see your LO's :)