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Monday, July 06, 2009

I am soooo HAPPY!!!

I got a text from Sony on Friday to say that my Sony Vaio Laptop was on it's way home...and this morning it arrived.

I was so nervous opening up the box wondering whether they had managed to repair it without loosing all my data, pictures and programmes.....Well I am so so happy to report that everything is intact, all the pictures of Georgia playing in the garden that I hadn't printed or backed up yet...all safe. Even the ones with her goofy teeth. I am so happy that I shed a few tears of silly am I.

This has taught me a valuable lesson, and I sent David off to PC World a couple of weeks ago to get us a wireless USB Hub so that our portable hard drive stays plugged into it and I can access it wirelessly anywhere in the house to get all our computers backed up.

I have been so lucky, with both my technical problems...remember my frozen Nano....received a replacement and now my mended Vaio.

Will be back shortly to show you a couple of cards made over the weekend.

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