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Friday, January 26, 2007

Another week flies by...

I cannot believe another week has passed. Not the best week for me. I have been run off my feet with work, and feeling tired, stressed and snappy. Georgia has come home from school with nits again...despite my vigilance. I treat her, and she goes into school each week nit free...but she always seems to come home with them. I have never in my life had nits, and cannot believe common they are in kids these days.

Wednesday saw the arrival of snow here in Milton Keynes, sadly is was gone before the day is over, but I did manage to take a quick photo before breakfast. Georgia and I had a quick snowball fight on the way to the car...she managed to hit me on the back twice.

Thursday after school we took a quick trip to Gambados, where Georgia ran around, bounced, slid, swung and generally had a great time with Katie/Katherine her friend from school. Georgia has finally found the courage to go head first on her tummy down the wiggly slide. Once she started she couldn't stop. David came and joined us, and we ended up staying there until almost 6pm. Once home Georgia soon flaked out and fell asleep in my arms. I really miss her snuggling up on my chest, just like she did when she was younger. Like all children her age she is becomine more confident and independant. All too soon she won't be needing me as much, can't bear to think about that.

Tomorrow is Saturday, and I am determind to stay in bed until 8am....a lie-in.

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Ann said...

Hey at least you managed to take a photo of your snow Caz - believe it or not I forgot!!

Great pics you are sharing!