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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year....even if it is a little belated...

Well, as usual I am a bad blogger. I really was never that good at keeping a Diary/Journal up to date, as you will probably have already worked out.

So what has been going on in my world you may or may not have been thinking. Well December went by in a huge blur, I left all my Christmas present shopping until about the 14th December, and then had a mad week getting everything organised. Well I got there, and we had a fab christmas down in Surrey with my Dad, Sister and her clan. Boxing Day was spent with David's Mum & Dad. In the afternoon a short walk in Bushy Park, and then a trip to Hampton Court Palace to see the ice skating. We had wanted to skate but it was very busy and Georgia was too nervous, so we just sat and drank hot chocolate and watched.

David finally ended an 18 year career with General Motors on 31st December, and for approximately one week he was unemployed. He has now started a six month contract with Comau in Luton, and seems to be enjoying working days again, after over 8 years of permanent night shift.

I have been busy scrapping away so far this year, having completed 11 layouts so far in 2007. I will upload a few each day over the next week. Like almost everyone else in the world, I have made a couple of resolutions. Nothing to serious, although the first is to live a more healthy lifestyle, including more exercise and a more healthy diet. The second is scrap related, 2005 saw me published in a scrapping magazine for the first time, 2006 saw me published twice with three different layouts appearing in two editions of two different magazines. In 2007 my aim was to become a member of a Design Team, and although I cannot mention which team I am joining, I can confirm that I have been offered a place on a Design Team....I will give more details as soon as I am able.

Well enough words....onto a picture. I took this picture on Christmas Morning, just after Georgia had opened her presents and before she had a specially prepared boiled egg breakfast lovingly made by her Grandad.

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