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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

From the Sofa...

Still feeling cr*p, was up most of the night being sick...everytime I lay down I felt sick, and made the dashing the dark to the bathroom. I think the sum total of my broken sleep amounted to less than 4 hours.

I did however manage to get Georgia to school on time....just. I am not known for ever being anywhere really early, so just in time is good enough for me. I drove home and parked myself on the sofa and apart from the trip to the kitchen to make a drink, that is where I stayed until it was time t go back to collect Georgia. Although sat on the sofa, I did manage to file my self assessment online, and due to an overpayment of tax....I am due a few hundred pound refund. I decided to get a SD 800 Speedlight for my new D80.I checked out the prices online, and ordered. So it should be here at the beginning of next week...can't wait.

Off to have a soak in the bath, and then bed to see if I can catch up with some sleep.

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