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Monday, January 29, 2007

More CHA Sneak Peeks...

Well CHA is in full swing now, and more pictures are appearing on forums worldwide.

I have been looking to see what all my favourite manufacturers have in store for me. I have started to make a list of things that caught my eye from the pictures, but like most scrappers, I would like to see better pictures before I decided for sure.

I am loving all the new stamps by Autumn Leaves, particulary the seals and the barcodes pictured here, there are also some fab new overlays as I mentioned yesterday, they are great for easy to do pages.

The florals still seem to be popular, so anyone hoping that trend was over will be disappointed. As usual there are an abundance of "girly" papers and embellishments, with fewer aimed at the "boy" market. Saying that Junkitz have a new "boy" range which looks great, as does Creative Imaginations, and of course as I mentioned yesterday...there is also a "Toby" range from Love Elsie by KI Memories.

Bazzill have bought out some new Bling Colours, and also some new shapes and colours to the "With an Edge" range, here is a picture of one of the new shapes, I like the look of the will make great not so mini albums, or just an interesting change on layouts, think I will put a couple of those on my wish list.

Also by Rhonna Farrer and Autumn Leaves is a fab new line of papers, French Twist, they are also on my list.
A couple of new books in the Autumn Leaves Designing with range...Designing with Details, and Perfectly Clear Stamps. The list really does go on and on. Like majority of Scrappers across the world I will be searching out my favourites.

As a self confessed stash addict, I really do not need any of the items I have listed, if I carried on scrapping for the next 5 years I would barely run out of some of the items in my stash....but I still NEEEEEEED them!

On a more personal note, after much umming and ahhing, I have finally ordered myself a Troll Bracelet. I ordered a nice long length of bracelet, so that I have enough room for my chubby little wrists once it is laden with beads. I only ordered a couple of beads and the clasp, I opted for the fish clasp...I am a Pisces after all, then came a Coffee silver bead...I do love my morning coffee...finally came a Rose Ribbon...which I think of as a Pink Ribbon and reminds be of loved ones who lost the battle to Cancer. I have also commissioned a "dangle" to be made by a lovely lady in the US ( Thanks Vicki for her details). With Mothers Day and my Birthday around the corner, I am already making a list of ones that my family can buy me. I will post a picture of it as soon as it arrives (hopefully later this week). What Troll Beads are on your wish list??


Anonymous said...

Ooh so another one who finally succummed to the alure of the troll huh?! I love my necklace! Not sure which bead to get next though, but at the moment I am thinking Winter or Carribean.

I love the new French Twist range by Autumn Leaves isn't it scrummy?! :o) xx

laura said...

Another troll fan here !!
I have a big list of beads to get, and have been dropping loads of hints. i told DH I deserved one for Valentines Day, and giving birth to our child ( 5 weeks time !!) my mum promised me a new clasp too, so I have to keep reminding her !!

Thanks for the Autumn Leaves Preview, love the barcode stamps!!