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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I HATE waiting...

I really am not patient when it comes to waiting for stash to arrive. I ordered loads, and I really do mean loads, of the new Love Elsie range from the US on 25th May, and it was posted on the 26th via Global Priority....and I am still waiting. It is almost two much longer will it be I wonder...I am not sure how long I can hold out...LOL

This week so far is continuing in what is becoming the norm.....chaotic. I am hopeful that the chaos will end soon. Georgia started Gymnastics with MKSpringers on Tuesday and is continuing to enjoy it. She can now do a forward roll, and pull herself up afterwards. She was even doing hand stands wth help from one of the Coaches. She is working on the vault, but needs to remember not so stop when she gets to the springboard. She is trying so hard, that I am sure that it will click very soon...and then there will be no stopping her.

With the flooring almost done in the lounge (just the trim and door strips to be done), I am looking around trying to decide on the next project...which will be the Bathroom. Our bathroom is incredibly small. It is only the length of the bath and the width is the bath, toilet and basin with small gaps between. With this in mind we have decided to ditch the bath and have a shower enclosure instead. Thankfully one of my Clients is a Bathroom Showroom, so I get extra special rates....and they can get one of their best plumbers to do the work. So now I just have to decide and price up what I want/what can fit....ohhhh decisions, decisions.

Well, I am knackered and have already dozed off on the sofa this bed for me I think.

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Gail said...

Agree that it's unbearable to have to wait for stash...I often try out different sites and if it doesn't arrive in 2 days, I don't use them again....But with stash from the US it's less predictable...