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Saturday, June 02, 2007

What a Wonderful Day!

We had such a lovely day yesterday. Lorraine and Harry arrived at 11.30am to find me still in my PJ's...I was just getting dressed upstairs I swear. We sat and chatted and Ann, Eloise, Robert and Jamie arrived at 12.15pm. After a quick chat Ann & I set the GoGo June Grab-Its live.....we had the power to make many a GoGo Subscriber happy...and Then we went off to Pizza Hut for lunch. We had a lovely time eating and chatting. While Lorraine & I were chatting the emergency exit alarm went off....Ann and Robert came back from the toilets and Ann said "Who set off the alam?" to Robert...and he pointed at Obviously we knew that it was Robert, but he blaimed his Mum without hesitation. Once lunch was over we came back here and after a cup of tea/coffee we went for a walk in the park...armed with our cameras... Eloise was busing making daisy chains with the large daisies growing wild in the long grass. She was not keen to pose, but I got this sneaky shot almost as soon as she started.

Harry also had a go at daisy chains...I could see the intense look of concentration on his face. What you cannot see is that he has the most amazing blue eyes and beautiful lashes.

Then there is Robert...the cheeky chappy. Boy was he hard to get a picture of....he was never still long

An then there was the super cute Jamie....such a cutie. Ann cannot believe that I got pictures of Jamie looking directly into the lense. I think he could hear the autofocus and see the little light on the front...and so he looked in the direction of the noise.

I have some more cute pictures of Georgia and Harry...he really took a shine to Georgia and told her that he loved cute.

Well today is another lovely day, so as soon as David is home we are off to Asda and also to B&Q where we will get new flooring for the lounge. Tomorrow is the Milton Keynes Crop, and I wasn't able to go as David thought he would have to yesterday he announced that he is not working during the day, but will be working on Sunday I could have gone after all....Arrrrgggg...Men!



lorraineA said...

Thank you for a lovely day:)
I have so many pictures still to up load, think we went a bit snap happy:lol:

mafswife said...

Had a great day - you are a fab host! And I need those pictures of my kids!! Will try and pinch off here else I'll e-mail you!!