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Friday, June 01, 2007

Funday Friday...

After all the sad news this week, I am looking forward to a fun day. Not only do the June Grab-Its go live on the ScrapaGoGo website BUT........Lorraine and Ann are coming for the day with the I will have a house full of fun. After the week we have had, it is a nice end. The sun is shining outside, and the sky is nice and clear blue so looks like we are in for a lovely day...outside. It feels like we have not been able to go outside and play for ages....since it has rained on and off for a week. I will have my camera at the ready.

More on the sad news...there is going to be an autopsy for David's Nan, as she had been released from hospital into the care of a nursing home, and died within a couple of hours of getting my mind it means she was not fit enough to travel...although at 96 she would be anyway. So the funeral has been booked for Wednesday 13th, she told us that she wanted to have her funeral on a Wednesday as all her friends would be meeting in the Church Hall for the weekly club, and that way they would all have transport to get them they are there already. So she actually got one of her final wishes, that and she is finally back with her husband who died over 50 years ago.

I will be back tonight with news and pictures.

1 comment:

Jen said...

oh caz, you really have had a tough week, i hope you ahve a lovely day today :)