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Monday, June 11, 2007

It's Here, It's Here...

Finally my parcel from has arrived containing all my "Love Elsie" stash. The lovely Parcelforce man delivered it at approx 8am. Georgia and I had great fun looking through the items and taking a picture of all my lovely much so that we were almost late for school...oopps...naughty Mummy.

So after waiting 16 days2 is a picture.

The chipboard album are sooo much bigger than I though. Everything looks so cute, although the products are slightly more muted in colour than the pictures shown on all the websites. That being said they are still lovely. I know many people are disappointed with the thickness of the paper, as it is not as thick as other KI Memories Products, but I always use cardstock as a base so doesn't bother me. In fact the lighter weight makes pages and mini books less bulky. The packets of chipboard buttons are small, but the buttons are a lovely size...not too big. I now cannot wait to get home and have a play...


1 comment:

Hysteri-CAL said...

I soooooooo want all that stash !!!

*turning a delicate shade of green*