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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You never know who might be reading your blog....

I never told any of my family about my Blog. I never thought anyone would be interested, and to save them taking the P*** I kept quiet. So can you imagine my surprise when I get a text from Cyprus and my Auntie knows I have a website, because my cousin Louisa told her...and so did my Sister. It seems it was found on a Google search.....or so I am told. So to all my family now reading...hello, and yes I know I am up late, and I promise to go to bed shortly.

So here is a family picture to share with my family in Cyprus. On Saturday afternoon Georgia decided that after we had washed our hair, she wanted to put it up in a towel like Mummy.

The next couple were taken on Wednesday last week, when Georgia was spending the day with her Grandad while David & I went to Nan's funeral. Dad took Georgia to the school with him to collect Hannah and James and then the three of them played...just look at those cheeky faces, and have you seen the state of Georgia's hair...don't think she let Grandad brush you?

Love to all the family near and far that are reading....feel free to come back and get an update whenever you like.

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